Fred Flintstone fought the regulation — and he won.

Technically, the proprietor of the fanciful Flintstones house in a posh San Francisco suburb settled a lawsuit with the city of Hillsborough. But the agreement will allow Fred and his buddies to remain.

In a yabba dabba dispute that pitted house rights against federal government procedures that played out in intercontinental media, retired publishing mogul Florence Fang defended her colorful, bulbous-shaped residence and its elaborate homage to “The Flintstones” family members, showcasing Stone Age sculptures encouraged by the 1960s cartoon, alongside with aliens and other oddities..

The town, nonetheless, called the towering dinosaurs and daily life-measurement sculptures “a highly obvious eyesore” and sued Fang, alleging she violated neighborhood codes when she put dinosaur sculptures in the yard and built other landscaping alterations that triggered regional officers to declare it a community nuisance.

An legal professional for the city beforehand stated residents are essential to get a permit prior to setting up these sculptures, no matter of the concept.

Hillsborough went to court docket in 2019 right after Fang failed to comply with numerous stop-do the job orders, as perfectly as an get to eliminate the options close to the multimillion-greenback house with its 2,730-square-foot (254-square-meter) home. Fang counter-sued. The Daily Submit in Palo Alto first described news of the settlement on Thursday.

Mark Hudak, an attorney for Hillsborough, previously mentioned the city prides by itself on its rural, woodsy really feel, and policies are in location “so neighbors really don’t have to look at your model of what you would like to have, and you do not have to appear at theirs.”

According to documents, the settlement stipulates that the town will review and approve a study of the landscaping improvements. In turn, Fang will implement for making permits. The city will also pay back Fang $125,000, and she will drop the lawsuit — which was dismissed in state court on April 27.

No information on Barney Rubble’s role in the subject.