You might be wondering where to keep the wine bottles that you are intending not to drink right away or you have bought more wine bottles than you consume in a month. Then, you need to invest some money in a red wine cooler or wine fridge to accommodate plenty of bottles. Consuming a typical domestic refrigerator to store wine because you have no space at home is a big “no” because it is only suitable for two days no more than that. To tackle the issue of space, you can use a tall slim wine cooler that doesn’t consume much space and looks great wherever positioned.

Red wine 

The variations of dark grapes are used to make red wine and you don’t need to worry about which kind of fridge or cooler will be appropriate to store it. Because red wine can be stored in any wine fridge and the difference is that you just need to set its temperature according to the red wine. However, it cannot be kept in the usual home fridge used to keep fruits/vegetables and other things.

Perfect temperature for red wine

The appropriate temperature that is essential to store red wine is 65°F which is less than room temperature. If you can then store a bottle of red wine at 55°. You might be wondering what to do if you just opened your bottle and want to keep a safe half bottle then the solution is to protect it from sunlight and keep it at room temperature. The best option is to preserve red wine in a red wine cooler which functions and maintains temperature according to it.

Duration to store red wine

You can store red wine in varied wine coolers and fridges or in temperature ranges that were previously mentioned for a minimum of two years and a maximum of ten years. The duration of storage depends on tannin content, sugar content and the acidity of the wine.

Other wine storage factors


The extent of light is kept as low as possible to preserve wine bottles. Because heavy light damages the aroma and flavour of the wine. That’s why wine comes in dark bottles. Therefore, a place where wine is kept usually displays darkness, and direct exposure to sunlight can cause trouble.

Sharp smells

Sharp-smelling influences, cleaning chemicals or mould can impact the wine as some of these can easily be absorbed by the cork and conceivably dispatch them to the wine. 

Sources of vibration

People usually do not consider vibration an important factor but yes it can be damaging. so it is essential to purchasing a wine refrigerator with an isolated motor that does not transfer vibration to the bottles kept in the cabinet. If you intend to create your cellar then choose a spot that is away from sources that disseminate vibration.


Storing red wine is not hard, but people think that it requires extra care and that is quite true to some extent. Just abide by some essential rules to store it and don’t panic.