We made terrifying discovery in a bag in our new home…everyone says the same


HOMEOWNERS have shared the terrifying discovery they made after clearing out their garage in their new house.

Hidden inside a dusty plastic bag was several pieces of a broken skull – sparking sinister theories that it could be human remains.

The homeowners discovered the broken skull in a plastic bag


The homeowners discovered the broken skull in a plastic bagCredit: Reddit
Users on Reddit questioned why the previous tenant owned the creepy skeletal remains


Users on Reddit questioned why the previous tenant owned the creepy skeletal remainsCredit: Reddit

The creepy find was posted to Reddit’s popular Oddly Terrifying Thread and was overwhelmed with responses from concerned users.

The original post wrote: “Bought a house one month ago, was cleaning the garage when I found this in a plastic bag.”   

Many quickly posed suggestions that the bones could be the remains of a murder victim and should be presented to police.  

One terrified user wrote: “You might want to check with the authorities on this one.”

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While a second wrote: “I mean you called the cops right?”

Meanwhile, others pointed out that the skull, thought to be human, was likely used as teaching aid for fields such as phrenology, craniology and archaeology.

One suggested: “Contact your local college’s anthropology department- they would be able to ID and potentially add it to a skeletal collection where the decedent will be treated upmost respect.

Another, claiming to be a student, penned: “That definitely looks like a real skull. I have a disarticulated skeleton from my anatomy studies , and while it is a good set, it doesn’t have the pitting and the teeth don’t come out like that one.”

However, among the calls to give it away, some users even suggested KEEPING the skull as decoration – despite the uncertainty over its origin.

“This should go to the best spot over the fireplace,” one suggested as another user replied: “Or even on the kitchen table.”

A third concluded: “I would totally add this to my skull collection.”

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