WHAT WEEKEND GARDENER hasn’t wanted to take classes in horticulture or landscape design to make the most of his or her little piece of Eden? A crop of YouTube channels dedicated to home plotting and planting—created by both professional and super enthusiastic amateurs—brings that dream within reach. Here, our favorite three.

The Plantable Canvas

A fine-art painter by trade, São Paulo native Siloé Oliveira covers not only the shovels and seeds of gardening on his YouTube channel, Suburban Homestead. He also applies his visual acumen, via 3-D sketches, as he walks viewers through the development of his Frederick, Md., garden. “I try to share the principles I learned in the study of art to help people craft more pleasing and harmonious spaces,” he said. In a recent episode from his “Cottage Garden” series, for example, the self-described weekend gardener brings to bear concepts such as balance, symmetry, rhythm and proportion as he positions beds for a vegetable garden alongside his modest Victorian home. And before he breaks up and transforms the concrete of a skinny sidewalk-like strip into a curving, beckoning path (he’s frugal, too), he injects a lesson on conjuring a sense of place. He also imparts practical tips like this: The easiest way to suss out the sunny spots in your garden is to note where winter snow melts first.


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