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Memorial day in the U.S is commemorated last Monday every year; it is celebrated on the 30th of this year. Memorial Day is also commonly known as Decoration Day. It is held to remember and reflect the efforts of all those who died serving the country in the American armed forces. Despite the usual shutdown, some stores are kept open.

A list of the stores and their opening hours that are kept open are:

Best buy: best buy remains available from 11 a.m; to 8 p.m; today.

Kmart: Kmart operates depending on the location, but it remains open for its usual timings in many places.

Costco: Costco is one of those stores usually kept closed on the holidays, whether a New Year’s day, labour day, thanksgiving, Christmas or Independence day. Thus they will remain close on Memorial day as well.

Aldi: Aldi will remain open for the usual hours, but the Aldi stores do limited operations in every location.

Home Depot: Home Depot will have a memorial day sale; thus, they will remain open for the usual hours.

Macy’s: organising a sale, Macy’s will remain open for its regular Monday working hour, that is 11a.m to 8p.m

Lowe’s: lowe’s are also in for a memorial day sale; thus, they will be opening from the usual hour is 6a.m to 1.0p.m

Kohl’s: kohl’s are also in for a memorial day, so they will be operating from 10a.m to 9p.m

Kroger: Kroger will remain open for their regular hour, but the timing might depend on the location.

Walmart: the stores will open during their usual hours, 7 a.m to 11 p.m.

How does Memorial day begin?

Congress advanced the uniform Monday holiday in 1968; after that, in 1971, it became an official federal holiday. Unnecessary government services are kept close, and federal workers are provided paid leaves to remember the efforts of those who lost their lives in serving the country. Few stores are kept open on holiday to remember the lives of those who died. Many stores even have sales and limited hours.

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