Infrared thermal imaging is a technology that can help you if you want to improve the energy efficiency of your property. Furthermore if you are buying a property you should get a thermal survey to find out weather your property performs like a Ferrari than leaks energy like a leaky bucket. Buying or investing in a leaky property will cost you money in the future.

I am going to briefly outline what thermal imaging is and what are the benefits of this technology. Literally seeing is believing with infrared thermal imaging and this definitely is the case. The benefits are enormous is terms of information that it gives to the consumer. This is a great thing, empowerment is key to making better decisions for you and your family and also better investment decisions.

The technology used in surveying the building is firstly state of the art. Essentially the thermal camera measures the surface temperature of a given surface. If for example your wall is missing insulation that was just left out by the builder, the result will be a lower surface temperature on the surface. This is a major benefit for a consumer when buying a property from a builder. I don’t trust builders and why would you? You are making a big investment here and paying big money. Building a property takes a high level of supervision and if there is inadequate supervision, you are simply left with a bad product. This is where thermal imaging comes in. There is no way around this, the camera will detect the cold temperature.

Thermal imaging provides the following major benefits for you the homeowner and also the potential investor. The benefits include seeing exactly what you are buying, locates problem areas. It saves money on building repairs costs as exact location of weakness is identified. It also saves on energy spent on fuel that would have otherwise be lost. Furthermore it also detects leaks in windows that would have otherwise remained unnoticed.

When buying a property like buying a car we must now as consumers check its performance. Because of the scare resources on the planet we will have to make choices about energy consumption. Thus, thermal imaging is a must when purchasing a property. Would you buy a car if it looked good but performed like a Lada? People buy property every week without taking this into consideration. Thermal imaging certainly gives you the information to checkout the performance of any property without delay. Thus, when you have the information you can make an informed decision and definitely save money! Definitely get the seller to reduce the price to take into account the work that will need to be done to correct the thermal deficiencies.

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