The satellite communications industry has really turned itself around, at least if we compare its reputation and dissemination now versus in the past. For an incredibly long time average people just tended to look down on satellite communications in general, and satellite TV in particular as it has been the flagship of the satellite industry ever since its inception; while, on the other hand, ironically, governments and major corporations the world over have been placing their trust in the satellite communications industry for ages by now. It would seem that private, residential clients really are quite demanding, and the satellite industry as a whole has had to recast itself and improve its services quite drastically-and that mission has been fully accomplished, as evidenced by the fact that satellite TV ranks at the top of customer satisfaction scorings now (as it has for nigh on a decade). The result of all this has been that people from Seattle to Birmingham have been choosing satellite packages over other options to improve their communication with the rest of the world and their entertainment options at home.

As far as entertainment is concerned, there can no longer be any doubting the fact that satellite TV offers the most options and the best options as far as programming is concerned, though that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s also the best option, say, for interactive channels, educational channels, and-much to the delight of TV viewers everywhere-for HD video. High def channels have really helped consolidate the eminent reputation of satellite television in the 21st century, as no other kind of provider comes anywhere near offering the same number (and quality) of high def channels as the major satellite providers do. That’s a reality that makes LCD, plasma screen and high def projector owners everywhere just shout with joy, as there would be no purpose to buying those expensive home electronics items if they didn’t actually have access to the kind of programming that that gear is designed to display.

But entertainment is only part of the picture: there’s also communication in general to talk about. These days, wherever you see a satellite dish on top of a person’s roof or on their balcony, what you’re looking at is probably not a home with just satellite television but with a full satellite communications bundle that includes internet and telephony as well. This is the ultimate proof of just how far the satellite industry has evolved in recent years, of just how incredibly reliable such services have become-even for very demanding residential customers. These bundles not only offer a great service with an excellent signal reliability percentage (at values that match pretty much what the best cable operators offer), but they also offer significant customer savings as always happens whenever you pay for several things through the same provider. And though all of these details are quite impressive, especially for satellite skeptics, this is really only the beginning of a long process of improvement in satellite TV and the satellite business as a whole.

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