The Top Places to Live in and Around Boston

If you are planning to move to the Boston Area, you may be wondering what the best areas or neighborhoods to live in are. Each city has its own unique landscape with a variety of neighborhoods that appeal to different types of people and families.

If you have a family, you may be looking for something different than a young professional. Consider your preferences in a neighborhood, whether that is good schools, good night clubs, or an easy commute, and keep that in mind as you explore these best places to live in the Boston area:


If you are a graduate student or young professional, you may want to take a look at Boston houses for sale in the Cambridge area. Cambridge is known for its intellectual reputation, and also feels like a small town within the big city. Residents of Cambridge are very educated, and the area is known as a progressive neighborhood.

Cambridge has great public transit, and the neighborhood is walkable. There are also hundreds of restaurants and bars to satisfy any foodie or anyone who loves nightlife. There are also plenty of public parks and green spaces if you love spending time outdoors. 

Cambridge has a lot to offer and should be on your list if you are looking for a progressive neighborhood with an easy commute. 

Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain, also known as JP, is an artsy neighborhood that would be perfect for families, young professionals, or students. Jamaica Plain has great shopping, especially on Center Street, and great restaurants.

The neighborhood is known for being bohemian but also very community-minded. There are many festivals throughout the year, including music festivals, and there are also amazing farmers’ markets. 

JP is also one of the neighborhoods in Boston with the most green space, or those nature lovers. If you want a neighborhood with an artsy, welcoming vibe and plenty of outdoor space, Jamaica Plain is for you.


Somerville is becoming known as one of the best suburbs in the country. This Boston neighborhood is great for families, professionals, and students looking for peaceful living near the big city. The community of Somerville is growing, so it is clear that people love this neighborhood.

Somerville is located north of Boston and Cambridge, so if you are looking for a great community but still want a city feel, Somerville would be a solid pick for you. Besides the combination of urban and suburban feeling, Somerville also offers plenty to do, convenient transportation, and exemplary schools among other things.

If you want the feeling of living in a densely populated big city combined with the community feeling of a safe suburban neighborhood, take a look at Somerville.

There are so many wonderful places to live in Boston. Whether you are a graduate student, young professional, single experienced professional, or family, you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to Boston neighborhoods. 

Start your search with Cambridge, Jamaica Plain, or Somerville, and you just might find the perfect suburb for you.

By Rehan

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