Ah, Halloween: It’s the one time of the year when your goal is to make your home as imposing as possible. Although you might already have your costume planned, it’s officially time to start thinking about your yard.

Although you could just carve up a few jack-o’-lanterns and prop up a hay bale or two—and, to be clear, you totally should—there are so many outdoor Halloween decorations out there just waiting to spook, startle, and delight trick-or-treaters and neighbors alike.

Whether you’re going for a nostalgic, classic take on All Hallows Eve, you’re trying to be so terrifying that first responders show up, or you’ve got your heart set on a perfect balance of cute and creepy, there’s a decoration (or 10) for your outdoor spook fest.

We have great news: We’ve already sorted through all the tricks and treats on the internet, narrowing it down to the best outdoor Halloween decorations for your yard, door, and house. And better yet, plenty of them are budget-friendly, too. As you gear up for October 31, just make sure you buy your must-haves quickly—there’s no guarantee they’ll be available for much longer! Remember: More is more. Happy Halloween!


Light-Up Ghost and Pumpkin

There’s something so nostalgic about Halloween, and this blow mold ghost perfectly conjures up childhood memories of trick-or-treating, dressing up, and decorating with your loved ones. (It’s also way cheaper than actual vintage ones.)


Pose n’ Stay Skeleton

You can’t go wrong with a classic skeleton! Pose this guy on your porch, in your yard, or at a window, preferably in a fun pose or costume.


Pre-Lit Spooky Tree

Spooky without being outright terrifying, this Tim Burton-esque willow adds a sense of atmosphere to your Halloween lawn decor, creating an immersive environment that’ll delight visitors of all ages.


Rusty Metal Halloween Pumpkins, 4-Pack

If you’re after subtlety this spooky season, we suggest this ever-popular four-pack of jack-o’-lanterns. Bonus points if you illuminate each from behind!


Grim Animatronic



Remember that posable skeleton? This is the animatronic version—and it more than delivers on looks and movement. Plus, its glowing eyes are actually kind of charming.


Sweet Dreams Clown

Clowns are scary. This animatronic clown, meanwhile, is bone-chilling. At seven feet tall, it’s also one of the most imposing outdoor Halloween decorations you’ll find online.


Holding Hands Witches, 3-Pack

Is there such a thing as spooky minimalism? Well, these witches make a great case for it. Reviewers recommend buying multiple packs for an even spookier effect!


Foam Graveyard Tombstones, 5-Pack

Turn your front yard into a spine-tingling cemetery with these foam headstones, which look almost as weathered as the real things.


Halloween Doorbell

If you’re seeing this, you need this eerie doorbell, which is sure to delight kids and adults alike. As soon as you press the button, its eye opens up and peers at you—it’s so much fun.


The Nightmare Before Christmas Airblown Kaleidoscope

Jack Skellington fans, you’re in luck: This tall, inviting decoration can stay up from October through December.


Orange Witch Leg Stakes, 2-Pack

These durable resin legs are a must for any witchy home, adding a touch of humor without scaring little kids away. And you can’t beat their fun pop of color, too.


Lord Dakhanavar



Not all bloodsuckers sleep in coffins—this guy (based on a legendary Armenian vampire) hangs out and chats all night. Just don’t get too close!


Lighted Hanging Witch Hats

Lighting can make or break a Halloween yard display. That’s why we’re such big fans of these lights, along with the rest of Amazon—they’re festive, cheeky, and easy to store, on top of matching with basically any other outdoor decorations.


Ferry of the Dead

Looking for an absolute showstopper? Invest in this colossal centerpiece, which towers over trick-or-treaters and ferries unfortunate souls across the River Styx.


Pumpkin Inflatables

Talk about boo for your buck: These inflatable pumpkins stretch across eight feet of yard for under $45, meaning you can finish your Halloween lawn for less than it costs to take the family out to eat.


Towering Reaper

At eight feet tall, this ethereal reaper looms large over the rest of your yard, watching silently with a wispy white sheet and glowing eyes. Better yet, its height and arms are completely adjustable, too.


Realistic Skeleton Stakes

This guy isn’t super-scary, but that’s the point; if there’s ever been a nice-looking skeleton, this is the one. Plus, he’s a steal at below $20.


Vintage Halloween Witch

Whether as a finishing touch or just a low-key way to show the neighborhood you celebrate spooky season, this retro paper witch—which you probably recognize from Halloweens of yore—is just begging to be attached to your front door.


Black Tree

This top-rated inflatable has lots going for it: It’s menacing but not too terrifying, it glows with green light, and it’s genuinely massive at 12 feet tall.


Bone Throne

This Game of Thrones-esque seat will become the best photo-op in the neighborhood, especially if you pose it with the king of the underworld or allow visitors to sit down and snap a few pics.


Pre-Lit Drippy Garland

Although it looks something like a hairy caterpillar coming out of the box, this garland is guaranteed to be a hit, thanks to its festive black-and-orange color scheme and easy installation.


Looming Clown



We’re not saying you need to make all of your guests pass through this super-spooky, 10-foot gateway—but we’re not not saying that either.


Colplay Giant Spider Web

Halloween decorations don’t need to break the bank; for example, this gigantic spider web (complete with a furry arachnid) costs less than $20 and fills a ton of space.


Halloween Directional Signs

If you can’t make it through October without binging your favorite horror movies, we have the perfect decoration for you: This sign points the way to the locations of some of the most recognizable scary stories, including Sleepy Hollow and Elm Street.


Mummy Hand Wreath Hanger

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas! Pick out a festive option and hang it from this mummy hand—it’ll quickly become a yearly tradition.


Halloween Skeleton Wolf

Human skeletons are so overdone—to try something truly unique this Halloween, pick up one of these canine skeletons instead.


Hanging Vampire Bats

At less than $10, this swarm of bats adds way more character than its price might suggest. Simply attach them to a tree or porch and let the wind do the rest.


Standing Witch

This kid-friendly Halloween decoration is ideal for households that don’t want to go too hard. Witches get a bad rap, anyway—this one is perfectly friendly!


7-Foot Mr. Howle Animatronic Werewolf



Werewolf-inspired Halloween decorations are frightfully few and far between, so pick up this one (which snarls, howls, and glows) to round out your haunted house.


Jack-O-Lantern Scarecrow Garden Stake

Regular scarecrows are kind of unsettling, but this sculpted one—featuring a light-up jack-o’-lantern head—is beautiful (not to mention spooky, too).

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