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A glance at Applied UV, Inc.’s shareholders (NASDAQ:AUVI at will tell us what the strong party is. Institutions also have stakes in larger developed firms, but it is not rare to see smaller corporations held by insiders. Warren Buffett says he wants “a market that is run by able and proprietary individuals with lasting strategic advantages.” So, it is good to have the possession by an insider as it may mean the administration is proprietary.

Applied UV is a small cap stock with a market capitalisation of US$157 million, but many institutional investors could be undisclosed. Looking at our proprietary community data (below), it appears like not much of the business has yet been acquired by institutional investors. Let’s look at the information regarding Applied UV from various categories of shareholders.

Property Tell us about UV applications

Institutions also prevent businesses that are too few, too illiquid or too dangerous to taste. Yet having bigger businesses without institutional buyers is rare.

There are several examples that an organisation could not have a share register institution. If liquidity the number of stocks exchanged per day is low it can be difficult for investors to purchase significant quantities of shares.

If the organisation doesn’t have to collect money, it may be difficult for organisations to create a role. Furthermore, portfolio managers cannot buy the stock because they are not certain that they can succeed successfully. Applied NASDAQ: AUVI could not look for entities of the past, or maybe they just didn’t study the market in great detail.

Applied UV hedge funds have not much stock. Our figures suggest that Max Munn is the leading shareholder with 63 percent of the stock outstanding (who also holds the position of President). 

It is generally seen as a positive indication if the insiders own a large number of shares in the company and we are pleased that a firm insider plays a key partner in this situation. In the meantime, 1.1% and 0.5% of the outstanding stock are held by the second and third-largest owners. Of course, Keyoumars Saeed is also Chief Executive Officer and the second-largest shareholder. It leads to high insider control among the top shareholders of the firm.

Applied UV Possession

Although the exact concept of an insider is arbitrary, nearly all members of the board are insiders. Management answers the board in the final analysis. But managing directors, especially whether they are a founder or CEO, are also Executive Board members.

Ownership by insiders is usually considered fine. However, it makes it more difficult for other owners to keep the board responsible for decisions on certain occasions. You can also check other stock such as nasdaq plug at