While most Aussies believe that the Great Australian Dream is to own a home or property in their desired location, about 80% believe obtaining this dream is difficult due to rising property prices.

Of course, property prices have been rising over the last few years, but it’s crucial to know that alternative options exist to enter the investment market. What if you could purchase land and a house together in one purchase and save money? Is it even possible? Yes, this is why house and land packages in Sydney seem to be an attractive option for many first-home buyers and investors.

So, What Are House and Land Packages in Sydney?

Purchasing a property in Australia doesn’t have to be an overwhelming and time-consuming process if you consider house and land packages. Whether you’re looking for your dream home or your first investment property, a home and land package in Sydney might be the viable option.

A house and land package allows you to secure your block and home together in a single purchase, making your dream home a reality with as little stress as possible. This allows you to choose your desired location and build your home the way you want. Besides, it offers various benefits, including affordability and personalisation of home plans and layouts, that can help you save money on maintenance and convenience.

How Do They Work?

Buying a perfect home and land package involves two major steps: buying the land first and then buying the home. You’ll receive two contracts for land and house construction because you’ll be purchasing from two separate entities. The land block is purchased from the property developer, and the home from the builder.

Property developers purchase large blocks of land, develop the properties, lay down infrastructure like utilities, roads, water, and sewage, and offer parts of this land for sale. Then, with the help of builders, they build houses as a part of house and land packages in Sydney.

There are two types of home and land packages, including standard house and land packages and turnkey packages.

The turnkey package offers a complete property that’s ready to move in. In contrast, with a standard house package, you’ll buy the land first and then build the house. This option allows for more customisation of the home. However, in both types of packages, the property developer and builder work together throughout all stages of the construction to achieve the desired results of the buyer.

Owning a house is a dream for many, but buying land, designing, and constructing a house can be challenging. This is different when it comes to house and land packages. As you see, a house and land package is more simplified and straightforward than buying land and building a house on your own. House and land packages allow you to own a home without the hassle of doing everything from scratch.

If you’re interested in house and land packages, please speak to reputed property developers in your community and get quotes.

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