Garden gnomes have been around for over 2 centuries now. They began to appear as garden decorations in European countries in the early 1800’s. They were first introduced in Germany. People would decorate their gardens with these gnomes and they were thought to tend to the garden during the night. Since then these dwarf like statues have gained much popularity. They come in various designs and styles and are perfect for decorating your garden.

These statues are made of different materials and come in a number a number of colors adding life and a little amusement to your garden. Earlier these gnomes were made of materials like terra cotta and clay but recently have started being made of plastic. People believe that these statues take care of their garden and the earth. This is why they have gained so much popularity. These are also far cheaper than other garden statues and decorations. The fact that they are made of plastic makes them very durable. Earlier clay and terra cotta gnomes took much longer to manufacture as the paint and clay required a long time to mold. Plastic statues are far cheaper and much more durable than clay counterparts. They are mass produced in factories and most manufacturers are now shifting to plastic instead of clay and terra cotta.

They main advantage of plastic over clay is that these statues can be molded into to any shape with ease. You would find designs of simple gnomes where as some manufacturers have gone as far as making rappers out of these cute dwarfs. You could buy them in cute gardening positions or just buy the traditional dwarf which is starring back at you. Manufacturers have even started making all sorts of sporting gnomes. You could buy dwarfs with the theme of your favorite football team. You could even buy gnomes wear your favorite baseball players jersey. This has made a number of sports enthusiasts buy these for their gardens. You would even find these gnomes in bars where people would go to watch a football game.

Though there are a number of collectors that buy these products in clay, I personally suggest you buy a plastic one. A clay statue would probably cost anywhere between twenty to a hundred dollars. Most plastic gnomes usually cost anywhere between five to twenty dollars. You would find a number of websites that sell these products online. You would find plenty of designs to choose from. So make sure you go online today and buy one of these for your home.

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