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Outdoor camping with lights in the background

Outdoor camping with lights in the background

You can’t rely on regular lights for illuminating your place during special events like weddings, birthdays, or thanksgiving. You can switch on as many lights as you want, but they still won’t match the effect that fairy lights provide. What makes these fairy-glow bulbs so popular is their ease of use, the beautiful ambiance they create, and their efficiency. You can light them up whenever and for as long you want, all without sending your electricity bill skyrocketing.

If you’ve purchased fairy LEDs in the past, you might be aware of the fact that most of them are weak and break apart easily. Some of them are not even bright enough to light up a room. And if you install them outside in rainy weather, short circuits are a common occurrence. So, we’ve done some research and found the best-selling fairy lights of 2022 that are free of such nuisances. They are long, bright, and agile yet strong. And guess what? You can put them outdoors too since they’re waterproof. So let’s dive right in!

Top Picks

Best overall: Brightown Fairy Lights

The starry moon fairy lights are made of a soft bendable silver wire

The starry moon fairy lights are made of a soft bendable silver wire

This pack of string lights is enough to grace your home with a beautiful warm ambiance that will stay in your guests’ memories forever. It contains 12 strings of 7-foot-long fairy lights, each equipped with 20 LEDs. Whether it is Christmas, birthdays, or weddings, they’ll suit every occasion. Since they are made of copper wire and are quite flexible, you can easily wrap them around trees, flowers, vases, and jars, creating some unique decor. You can also use them to light up your patio, balcony, fence, corridor, or any outdoor setting without worrying about the weather. The credit goes to its IP65 body, which makes it waterproof. And the wires are thick and plated, making them safe to touch. So, you can hold it even when it is running and take as many selfies as you like. What makes it stand out among its rivals is its easy installation. The credit goes to the small screwdriver and two batteries that come with the product. The easy installation this option provides, along with its supreme weather resistance, led us to name this the best overall on this list.

Key Features:

  • Contains 12 pieces of LED lights (7 feet each)

  • IP65-waterproof body

  • Plated wires for added safety

  • Works for 48 hours continuously

Most value: OakHaomie Fairy Lights

The battery box is with an ON/OFF switch, simply switch on the lights and enjoy these amazing moonlights

The battery box is with an ON/OFF switch, simply switch on the lights and enjoy these amazing moonlights

This is the perfect option for redefining your room or creating romantic moments with your partner. The product contains six-string lights, each 7 feet long. It produces a 2600K to 2800K color temperature, offering an illuminating, warm white light that helps you create a beautiful casual look without spending a fortune. Its small but powerful battery box offers a smart design with an extended battery life of up to 72 hours. Don’t be surprised if it lasts for 50,000 hours after regular battery replacement. Unlike regular fairy lights, this option creates a 360-degree sparkle that can really brighten up a room. With just one switch to turn it on or off, the product is super easy to operate. You get all these features in the pack of string lights at an affordable price, making it a great value purchase.

Key Features:

Most advanced: GDEALER Fairy Lights

This function helps you adjust lights to match your mood

This function helps you adjust lights to match your mood

This set has all the advanced features you need for creating an extraordinary lighting effect without spending enormous amounts on the purchase or the electricity. It contains four LED light strings that consume only 4.5 volts each. And the micro-LED is 16.4 feet long, so you’ll never be short of wire while decorating your home. What makes this option unique is its mode settings. Choose from steady, sequential, flash, or slow fade to match your mood and setting. You can also customize each light string differently, you can do this from anywhere in the room without even moving, thanks to its super-efficient remote control. Since it works with a battery, you don’t need to find a plugin source to light it up. You can also set a timer with the remote, so you don’t ever have to worry about whether you switched it off or not.

Key Features:

  • Contains 4 string lights (16.4 feet each)

  • IP67-waterproof body as well as a battery case

  • Coated wires ensure safety

  • Each light has 50 LEDs

Longest reach: Twinkle Star Fairy Lights

High-quality bendable copper wire allows you to build the shapes easily

High-quality bendable copper wire allows you to build the shapes easily

Bring this light home to decorate your place and surprise everyone with its whimsical ambiance. This product features one string containing 200 LEDs, each four inches apart. It is 66 feet long, sufficient for covering a wide space easily. Its flexible copper wire allows you to bend it in any shape you want. This 3-strand string is extra strong and won’t succumb to twisting. Plus, you have eight modes to change so you’ll never get bored with one effect. You can also adjust the brightness via the remote control. Since it is USB powered, it is also more durable than its competitors.

Key Features:

  • LED string is 66 feet long

  • Waterproof lights are ideal for use outdoors

  • Low-voltage consumption

  • High-quality, large LED bulbs

Also consider: Ariceleo Fairy Lights

The ultra-slim thin copper wire is bendable while the sturdy wire with LED lights is waterproof

The ultra-slim thin copper wire is bendable while the sturdy wire with LED lights is waterproof

Turn your room into an Instagram sensation using this fairy light string. It comes with one 16-foot-long corded light equipped with 50 LEDs. You can bend and shape the sturdy copper wire just the way you want and wrap it around anything. The bulbs are as small as a grain of rice, producing light in a 360-degree direction. So, it will look pretty wherever you put it. Its battery box is compact, while the cable connecting it with the wire is transparent, hiding it well and giving it a clean look. On top of everything, the lights won’t get hot when they are on, so you can hold them up and snap some pictures to post on social media.

Key Features:

  • One 16-foot long string light

  • Coated, high-quality wire is safe to touch

  • The cable doesn’t lose its shape no matter how you bend it

  • Compact battery box

Finding the top fairy lights: A buyer’s guide

Imagine that you’ve accidentally stretched your string lights while decorating your dining space for a Thanksgiving party, and they’re not working anymore. You don’t have enough time to bring in another light and re-decorate the room. This kind of incident can spoil your mood no matter how well you made other arrangements. So, you need some reliable and appealing fairy lights that you can mold and decorate however you want. Plus, you don’t want to need to watch your kids whether they’re around the strings or not. We have added all the important points and key criteria in our buyer’s guide to help you decide on the right option.

Why are fairy lights a good option for providing ambiance?

You need fairy lights to boost the appearance of a place and the reasons below will explain why:

  • Micro LEDs create soft and warm light, offering a soothing effect

  • Since they are not very bright, you can use them as a night light, making the atmosphere look calm and serene

  • They are bendable, so you can give them shapes like a heart, a star, and more. You can also decorate a Christmas tree using them

  • Fairy lights are ideal for lighting up a space for weddings, birthdays, festivals, and special events

  • They are insulated and safe to touch, so you can hold them while taking aesthetic photos

  • You can use these lights to create a make-believe fireplace with zero safety risk

Factors to consider for finding premiere fairy lights

Check out these factors to consider before picking a fairy light.

Number of strings

Fairy lights are available from a pack of 1 to 12. Depending on your needs, you can purchase a set or a single piece. For instance, if you want to cover a smaller space, you can choose a single string with an extended length. However, if you want to create a unique look, covering an extensive area like your garden or the terrace, you can go for a set with 6 or 12 pieces.


Choose a length matching how you plan on decorating. You’d need too many string medium-length lights at a wedding and birthday party, so pick one that’s 16.4-feet in length instead. For Halloween, or creating a make-believe fireplace, you need short LED strings, so select some 7-foot long ones. 66-foot long corded lights work well for big parties, like weddings, and are great for home decoration too.


Some fairy lights let you adjust the mode settings using a remote or directly through their buttons. These modes include waves, flash, twinkle slogs, chasing, sequential, and more. You can customize the lighting to your needs using the same products differently at different events. You can also pick up some regular fairy lights that provide steady illumination. Note that the second option is cheaper than the first.


Ensure that a product has heat-insulated or coated wires to avoid any safety hazards.


Check whether a product has a waterproof body or not. IP44, IP67, and IP65 are great features to go by. The battery case should also be waterproof otherwise you’ll need to keep it covered when using it outdoors.

Power source

Fairy lights either operate from an outlet or batteries. You can choose battery-powered LEDs to decorate any place outdoors and on out-of-reach corners, but you’ll need to keep changing the batteries frequently. On the other hand, corded models offer a less clean look and require a power source nearby.


Make sure the wire of your lights is made of copper, it’s a strong and bendable material. So, you can give it any shape without causing permanent damage.

How much should you pay for fairy lights?

Fairy lights are pretty affordable compared to other lights used for decoration. They are long-lasting if you keep changing the batteries frequently. The price of micro LEDs ranges from $9.28 to $17.99. It’s important to note that the cost varies according to the number of products, string length, and the number of changeable modes.

It can be hard to decide which one is affordable and which one is expensive. For instance, Gdealer offers four 16.4-foot string lights for $17.99, meaning one item costs $4.50. On the other hand, Twinkle Star gives you only one 66-foot-long string light at $10.99.

How to use fairy lights?

Read the below tips to know how to use fairy lights.

  • Keep your hands dry, while setting up the lights

  • Switch the lights off, when not in use

  • Make sure to take out the batteries before storing the lights

  • Although these lights are waterproof, they can’t be kept submerged in water

People also asked

Q: Is it safe to trim string lights for decoration?

A: If you have bought string lights made of copper wire, you don’t need to trim down their length to achieve the desired shape. This is because copper strings are bendable so you can shape them without trimming. If you want to do it anyway, make sure you use duct tape to seal the open ends of the wire to avoid an accident.

Q: How long will my string lights last?

A: Battery-powered string lights can operate for three to four days non-stop. If you keep them on for a few hours, they may work for a week, and then they will start dimming slowly. After that, you can replace the old batteries with the new ones to use them again. On the other hand, electric-powered fairy lights will work for years if you maintain them properly. But you’ll need a power source nearby to use them.

Q: What should I do if my remote stops working?

A: When the remote stops working, you can control the string lights with the battery case. It has power buttons to switch the lights on and off. Some products also have buttons for mode settings on the battery case. And, don’t forget to try changing the remote’s batteries to get it working again.


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