As the recent statistics show, 45 % of crimes are committed in different types of vehicles like trucks, minivans, caravans, or regular cars. The consequences of any crimes result in massive contamination of surfaces inside the cars with blood spills as well as other bodily fluids. Companies providing crime scene cleanup can cope with this problem easily with the help of highly effective professional cleaning products. In this article, we’ll review the most popular cleaning means for plastic surfaces which are actively used during the crime scene cleanup. They do an excellent job with various pollution. 

1. ATAS Car Interior Plastic Cleaner VINET

One of the best car interior plastic cleaners, which is suitable for high-quality cleaning and disinfection of various parts. Such a tool is perfect for crime scene cleanup as it eliminates even stubborn bloodstains, and at the same time has a pleasant unobtrusive smell. Due to the fact that the product does not make a large amount of foam, rinsing the surfaces is not required.

In addition to plastic, it can be used for rubber, metal, and linoleum.

It has the following characteristics:

• suitable for removing dirt, grease, and other types of stains;

• small amount of foam;

• easy to apply and wash off;

• low consumption;

•affordable price;

• can be used for both plastic and other surfaces.

2. VMPAUTO Restorer plastic cleaner 

This product perfectly cleans, restores the color of the plastic. After crime scene cleanup, the surface becomes more protected from new contaminants, as well as cracking and fading. The biggest advantage is that no oily film remains. 

It has the following characteristics:

• quickly and efficiently cleans plastic;

• suitable for other surfaces – for example, wood, metal;

• economical consumption;

• no greasy film remains;

• protects against new pollution;

• prevents cracking and fading.

3. Koch Chemie RefreshCockpitCare

This is a high-quality cleaner for plastic surfaces. Due to the special composition, which is not fully disclosed by the manufacturer, it penetrates into the structure of the material and cleanses it of any, even old, contaminants. It gives the plastic a nice updated matt look, as well as an antistatic effect. It is completely absorbed and does not even require rinsing.


• low consumption;

• convenient to use;

• protects surfaces from an ultraviolet;

• prevents fading;

• has nice smell;

• gives antistatic effect.

4. ASTROhim

This tool is suitable not only for plastic, but also for rubber and vinyl. Thanks to a special formula, it penetrates into pores and microcracks and copes with dirt really well. Often used during crime scene cleanup, this product makes even old plastic parts acquire their original appearance. In addition, it eliminates unpleasant odors, including putrid smell. Suitable for interior and exterior car parts.


• copes with even old and difficult pollution;

• easy to apply;

• quickly shows the effect;

• does not leave stains;

• economical consumption.

By choosing one of these professional products, your cleaning company will be able to perform top-notch crime scene cleanup in any vehicle.