2020 Best Architects

Laura Juarez Baggett, Laura Juarez Baggett Studio

Adam Baldwin, Marek Architecture

Bruce Bernbaum, Bernbaum/Magadini Architects

Christy Blumenfeld, Blume Architecture

Larry Boerder, Larry E. Boerder Architects

William Briggs, William S. Briggs Architect

Russell Buchanan, Buchanan Architecture

Stephen B. Chambers, Stephen B. Chambers Architects, Inc.

Will Clinton, Clinton + Firm Architects

Gary Cunningham, Cunningham Architects

Richard Davis, Richard Drummond Davis Architect

Mark Dilworth, MDW Studio

Mark Domiteaux, Domiteaux Garza Architects

Ralph Duesing, Ralph Duesing Architect LLC

Dan  Eckelkamp, Eckxstudio for Modern-day Architecture

Rizwan Faruqui, Significantly + Dang

Patrick Ford, Rogers-Ford, LC

Svend Fruit, Bodron/Fruit

Wilson Fuqua, Fuqua Architects

Robbie Fusch, Fusch Architects

Maurie Gray, M-Grey Architecture

Tom Hanahan, Tom Hanahan, Architect

James Haynes, Clinton + Enterprise Architects

Mark Hoesterey, SHM Architects

Ross Ikemire, Ikemire Architects LLC

Jenna Janson, Janson Luter Architects

Eric LaPointe, Studio EL73

Amy Leveno, Official Design and style

Max Levy, Max Levy Architect

Lloyd Lumpkins, L. Lumpkins Architects, Inc.

Christi Luter, Janson Luter Architects

Michael Lyons, Michael Lyons Architect

Eddie Maestri, Maestri Studio

Patricia Magadini, Bernbaum/Magadini Architects

Tom Manganiello, Max Levy Architect

Scott Marek, Marek Architecture

Marc McCollom, Marc McCollom Architect

Enrique Montenegro, SHM Architects

Clay Nelson, C.A. Nelson Architecture Group LLC

Joshua Nimmo, Nimmo Architecture

Sharon Odum, Sharon Odum Architects

Clint Pearson, Symmetry Architects

Allen Powell, Architecture Unrestricted

Thad Reeves, A. Gruppo Architects

Scott Roberts, Resourceful Architects

Dan Shipley, Shipley Architects

Cole Smith, Smith, Ekblad and Associates, Inc.

Jason Smith, smitharc architects

David Stocker, SHM Architects

Bentley Tibbs, Bentley Tibbs Architect

Weldon Turner, Turner|Boaz Architects

Paul Turney, Turney & Associates, Inc.

Craig Vaughn, Vaughn Architecture

David Viosca, Viosca Architects

Cliff Welch, Welch|Hall Architects

Braxton Werner, Wernerfield Architecture + Style

Ron Wommack, Ron Wommack Architect

2021 Best Designers

A Properly Dressed Residence

Adcock-Smith Layout

AGI-Amy Gibbs Interiors

Alice Cottrell Inside Style and design

Allen Kirsch & Associates, Inc.

Allison Seidler Interiors

Amy Berry Design and style

Amy’s Interiors

Angeline Guido Design, LLC

Anne Williams Style

Arveaux Interiors

Ashley Dalton Interiors

Avrea and Business

Baker Structure Team

Barbara J. Vessels Interiors

Betty Lou Phillips Interiors

Bobbitt & Company Interior Style and design


Breck Woolsey Interiors

Brette Jacques Interiors, Inc.

Cadwallader Layout

Cameron Drinkwater Interiors

Carrie Barron Interiors

Carrie Hatfield Inside Design

Cathy Kincaid Interiors

Chad Dorsey Style and design

Chambers Interiors & Associates

Charlotte Comer Interiors & Collectibles, Inc.

Chelsea Hargrave Interiors

Cheri Etchelecu Interior Structure

Cheryl Van Duyne Interior Structure

Childress Interiors Inc.

Collins & Sweezey

Collins Interiors

Corley Structure Associates

Dallas Structure Group Interiors

Dana Bass Layouts

Deborah Walker + Associates

Debra Owens Interiors, Inc.

Debra Stewart Interior Design and style

Deleo & Fletcher Layout

Denise McGaha Interiors

Dona Rosene Interiors

Doniphan Moore Interiors

Dunbar Road Design

EJ Interiors

EJM Interiors

Emily Summers Design Associates

Erin Sander Layout

Fagan White Design

Furstenwerth + Bagley Style

Harbinger Models

Heidi Arwine Interiors

Hillary Littlejohn Studio Design

Holly Hickey Moore Interior Layout

Residence of Amelia

IBB Layout Wonderful Furnishings

Ike Isenhour Inc.

J Wiley Patterns LLC

James McInroe Inc.

Jan Jones LLC

Jan Showers & Associates

Janet Gridley

Jean Liu Design and style

Jenkins Interiors

Joanie Wyll & Associates Inc.

John Phifer Marrs Interiors

Joseph Minton Inc.

Joshua Rice Design and style

Josie McCarthy Associates

Kara Adam Interiors

Kay Genua Patterns

Kim McCue-Cypress Styles

Kirsten Kelli

Kristen Fegale Interiors

Kristin Mullen Layouts

Laura Lee Clark Interior Design, Inc.

Layered Dimensions Interior Design

Lee Lormand Design

Linda Fritschy Interior Structure

Lindley Arthur Interiors

Lisa Henderson Interiors

Lynn Sears Interiors

M. Barnes & Co. Inside Layout

Maddie Hughes Layouts

Maestri Studio

Marilyn Rolnick Design Associates

Mary Anne Smiley Interiors

Mary Beth Wagner Interiors

Mary Cates and Co.

Mauldin Styles

Meredith Ellis Style and design

Meredith Steinhart Interior Design

Michelle Nussbaumer Design and style

ML Interiors Group

Moore Design and style Group, Interior/Architecture

Morgan Farrow Interiors

Morrisey Residence

Neal Stewart Designs

Pam Kelley Styles

Pamela Fitch Style

Paul Draper Style and design

Paul Duesing Partners

Peters Cates Design, Inc.

Pickering House Interiors

Pulp Layout Studios

R. Brant Layout

Richard Gordon Style and design

Richard Trimble & Associates, Inc.

Rick Rozas Style and design

RN Inside Style and design, LLC

Robert Trown & Associates

Robyn Menter Structure Associates, Inc.

Roz Murphy Design and style

S.B. Extensive Interiors

Salem and Associates

Samantha Fisher Interiors

Sees Style

Seitz Style LTD

Set Studio

Shannon Bowers Patterns

Shelby Owens Interiors

Shelby Wagner Design and style

Sherry Hayslip Interiors

Smith & Ragsdale Interior Style and design

Studio Ten 25

Studio Thomas James

Studio White Interiors


Ten In addition 3

The Collective

Tiffany McKinzie Interior Style

Tori Rubinson Interiors

Traci Connell Interiors

Traci White Designs

Tracy Hardenburg Designs

Trish Sheats Inside Structure

Wendy Konradi Interior Design and style

William-Christopher Style

Williams Structure Inc.

Yates Desygn

2021 Most effective Builders

Alair Houses

Alford Homes, L.P.

Attaway Houses

Austin Neuhoff Houses

Avida Personalized Residences

Bailey Family members Builders

Barnett West Personalized Households

Barringer Custom made Homes

Barrow Builders Team

Bauhaus Custom made Properties

Bella Customized Properties

Biggerstaff Building

Bob Bobbitt Customized Residences

Bob Thompson Houses

Bond + Truss


Calais Tailor made Houses

Caprock Tailor made Design, Inc.

Chapman Custom made Households

Charles A. Barnett III, Inc.

CJB Houses

Traditional Urban Properties

Cleve Adamson Custom Households

Coats Households LLC

Constructionologists, Inc.

Craft Barnett Properties

Crescent Estates Custom made Homes

Crescent Signature Homes, Inc.

Cresswell Personalized Builders

Crowbar Constructors

Tailor made Households of Texas

Danes Customized Households

Dave R. Williams Properties, L.P.

David Leite Custom Houses

David Lewis

Davis Signature Residences, LLC

Desco Good Households

Double Doorway Custom made Residences

Douglas Signature Residences LLC

Durrett Design LLC

Edinburgh Custom Homes

Ellen Grasso & Sons

Ellerman Houses

Endurance Residences

Faulkner Perrin Tailor made Properties

Ferrier Personalized Properties

Gardner Customized Homes

Garrett Brothers Luxurious Residences

Garvey Homes

George Davis & Associates, Inc.

George Lewis Personalized Properties

Goff Personalized Residences

Greenwell Homes

Hardy Construction

Hawkins-Welwood Households

Hayes Signature Households LLC

Herman Darden

The Hill Group

Hoffmann Homes

Holmes Builders

Homes by Bowen

Hudson Building Team

Isler Houses

Jarrett Development

J.D. Smith Tailor made Houses

Jered Tailor made Homes

Jim Johnson Team

Jim Scott and Sons Builders

JLD Custom made Properties

Joe Kain Properties

Joseph Paul Properties

Essential Residential

Kienast Custom Houses

Larry Hartman Building

LeComte Residences

Lingenfelter Customized Houses

LRO Residential Enhancement

Malone Custom Builders

Mark Clifton Residences

Mark Siepiela Personalized Properties

Martin Raymond Residences

Matie Custom Homes

Matt and Paul Architecture Design and style and Design

McCowen-Sainton, Inc.

Michael S. Wilson Personalized Houses

Milan Layout + Develop

Mills Tailor made Homes

Mishler Builders, Inc.

Montgomery Tailor made Homes

Much more Layout + Establish

Mullinix Customized Households

New Leaf Personalized Houses

The Newport Team, Inc.

Nixon Customized Residences

Ogden Customized Properties

Patten Customized Homes

Pencil Position Constructors

Phillip Jennings Custom made Houses

Platinum Collection by Mark Molthan

Provenance Builders

Randy Clowdus Design


Richard Dietrichson High-quality Houses

Richard Miller Customized Properties

Rick Shipley Custom Residences

Ripple D+B

Robert Clark and Associates

Robert Elliott Personalized Homes

Robert Hopson Building Group

Ron Davis Custom made Households

Ron McHam Households

Rosewood Tailor made Builders

SCH Residences

Sebastian Development Team

Shaddock Caldwell Builders & Developers LLC

Shaddock Properties

Sharif & Munir Custom made Households

Sleepy Hollow Homes

Snelling Properties

Southgate Residences

S&R Advancement, Inc.

Sovereign Luxurious Customized

Stark Residences LLC

Sterling Brook Custom made Houses, LLC

Susan Newell Tailor made Residences LLC

Sustainable Buildings of Texas

Tanner Houses

Tatum Brown Customized Properties

Thomas Progress + Development

Thomas Signature Houses

Tim Jackson Tailor made Homes

Tim Seymore Custom made Houses

Todd Bonneau Properties

Todd James Residences

Tommy Ford Design

UC Qualities

Ventura Personalized Houses

Victor Myers Custom made Homes

Waterside Qualities

Wes McKenzie Tailor made Houses

Westchester Custom Residences

Zachary Personalized Homes