Your garden can become a welcome extension of your home and living space. Take better care of this space with the latest items from HOLT Home & Garden.

Here are some of their new pieces not to be missed…

Gardening Set with Apron, Knee Cushion and Basket

Getting down and dirty in the soil can be quite messy. With the right equipment, you can make the most of this time as you work the beds with a beautiful apron and knee cushion. Ideal for protecting your clothes (and your knees) as you work! Furthermore, this makes a great gift set for an avid gardener!

Respana Greenhouse Set

This is the perfect at-home growing solution for your favourite herbs and vegetables. The kit therefore includes a set of 4 wooden legs, grow table, and a ventilated polycarbonate lid to create ideal germination conditions. It is also UV protected and ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Plant Labels

Create some order and a stylish look and label all your favourite plants and herbs with this set of 8 plant labels. These are made from plywood and subsequently offer an easy solution to help you identify everything you’re growing.

Housekeeping Essentials

A clean and tidy space just hits different! Shop a range of modern housekeeping essentials here. Furthermore, these can be used inside, in the garden, or anywhere you choose!

Terracotta Pots and Saucers

Give your plants and shrubs a little extra love and place them in their own terracotta pots. These will bring definition to your garden or home and can the little saucers are ideal for keeping them moist and not wasting any extra water.

Ancho Watering Cans

This stylish watering can is not only beautiful but functional too. Subsequently, you can keep your plants well-watered with this modern and attractive watering can in two different colours. Dimensions: 36 x 14 x 18cm.

Joey Watering Cans

Another functional and stylish option for keeping your plants watered. The Joey watering can is available in a shade of green and off-white.

Now you can create a garden worth spending time in. Shop these and other great essentials at HOLT Home & Garden.


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