Thinking of viable ways to protect damaged masonry? Look no further than stucco. Repairing damaged or poorly maintained masonry can be expensive. Stucco applications to the damaged masonry will not only help you save costs but also protect your masonry from harsh weather conditions. Stucco repair specialists can help you restore your masonry to its original look. 

Stucco Application

Stucco is a mixture of cement and sand. It serves a wide range of purposes. It can be used as a siding material in homes and businesses, for enhancing the décor of the building, and as a waterproofing material for covering masonry walls. 

Stucco can be used for the following 


Warning signs of an aging building include dilapidated conditions and deterioration mostly from water infiltration. Fixing these issues can be costly. But this is not the case with stucco. Stucco can help breathe fresh new life into your dilapidated masonry structure, giving it a significantly improved waterproof feature. This means your masonry is free from any form of water damage in the near future. 


Is your wall failing and losing its strengths? Is it showing signs of spalling or flaking? Thankfully, stucco can help strengthen the wall surface which will impede flaking or spalling. 

Restore Masonry Chimneys and Walls

Consider restoring chimneys and walls with the help of stucco repair specialists. The application of stucco coating can extend the lifespan of your chimney or wall by closing off the deteriorated bricks and mortar joints. What’s more is that stucco smoothens the wall surfaces to allow for the easy flow of rainwater. 

How to Apply Stucco

For the simplest application, mix stucco with water and a bonding agent. This ensures that the stucco adheres to the surface of the masonry. Before stucco application, stucco repair specialists will ensure that the masonry wall is dampened. This keeps the stucco from drying faster than normal, which can make the stucco not bond properly to the masonry. 

The scratch coat, otherwise known as the first application, fills all cracks and voids, as well as smoothening the masonry wall surface. The scratch coat will be left to dwell for a couple of hours before applying the second coat. 

Depending on the complexity of the project, you might not need a second coat. The first coat can just do the magic. However, the second coat will further tighten the wall surface and smoothen out the finished hob. 

Many homeowners prefer to use stucco applications for their masonry because it is extremely cost-effective. If you are not constrained by budget, the stucco will be a great addition to your home, enhancing its beauty far beyond your imagination. 

Be it for decorative purposes, waterproofing, or strengthening your building, applying stucco on your walls can give you exactly what you want. Stucco repair specialists are experts in the field of restoring and repairing damages on your masonry. So if you are considering restoring your old masonry, stucco application is without a doubt the way to go. 

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