Before anyone, decides to, seek the so – called, American Dream, of home ownership, he should, look ahead, with his eyes, wide – open, and consider, the responsibilities of being a homeowner. Since those, who purchase real estate, for investment purposes, factor – in, effectively, as many foreseeable expenses, and expenditures, as possible, before deciding if it’s a wise investment, wouldn’t it make sense, for those purchasing, a house, to have a better idea/ concept, of some of the financial responsibilities, it involves? While nearly all, realize the monthly costs, associated with mortgage payments, including principal, interest, real estate taxes, and many escrow items, they seem to pay, far too little attention, to many of the other costs, associated with home ownership. While some, try to procrastinate, and therefore, often overlook, properly preparing, for many of the eventualities, smart homeowners break up, these possibilities, in order to effectively plan, to become better prepared, While there are many approaches and possibilities, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, a seasonal approach, to planning. This article will examine the preparations, and smart plans, for Spring and Summer planning and maintenance.

1. What/ Why, Spring Cleaning?: We’ve all heard of Spring Cleaning, but, when was the last time, you considered, why we do this, at this specific time of year. In most areas of the country, we experience four seasons, and, the most severe, is Winter. The low temperatures, ice, snow, and other weather conditions, often, create a wide variety of stresses and strains, on both a house, and the related, exterior components, and grounds! We drag in a wide variety of substances, on our shoes and coats, including snow, ice, salt and sand, etc, as well as leaves, which may get blown into the home, also. When the temperature changes, and we wear different clothing, often accompanied by changing – over our closets, most people feel elated, to be rid of the cold, severe weather, and our dispositions brighten. When we clean the houses, thoroughly, inside, and outside, we become capable of evaluating, the best way, to properly maintain our property. Spring is usually the best season for exterior painting, addressing issues related to concrete, on walkways, and foundation, and preparing our gardens and grounds, in order to beautify the grounds.

2. Specifics: The specifics of maintenance and repair, for this season, is creating a schedule, for specific items, and preparing a realistic reserve, for these purposes. Items, such as exterior painting, maintenance of decks and patios, etc, should be scheduled, on a realistic schedule. Additional reserves should be put aside, for caring for the air conditioning, window – screens, etc, so there are fewer unforeseen surprises!

3. Enjoy the house: Enjoy your house, to its fullest capacity, while avoiding being house – rich, but consumed, by a so – called, money pit. When you prepare, and maintain your property, on a realistic, smart schedule, you significantly reduce many of the stresses and strains of home ownership.

Be a smart homeowner, and plan accordingly. This can either be, unnecessarily, stressful, or a planned, seamless experience!

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