There may perhaps be as many as 200 to 300 eggs in a solitary female’s bag. Considering that the woman bagworm are not able to fly, area populations can create up to damaging ranges as succeeding generations of bugs arise about the program of various yrs, but there is only one generation for every 12 months.


How can bagworms be controlled? Handpicking the old cocoons is the most effective way to command light infestations on smaller vegetation. If you come across old luggage on your plants, but no new caterpillars yet there may even now be time to eliminate the luggage right before eggs commence to hatch. Destroy baggage by burning, immersing them in kerosene or by crushing. If luggage that contains eggs are discarded on the floor, the larvae will nevertheless hatch and locate their way again to your landscape plants.

In any other case, approach to implement an insecticide to handle this year’s tiny larvae in mid to late June. Bacillus thuringiensis, BT, is obtainable at nurseries and backyard centers as Dipel or Thuricide. It’s really efficient at managing the insects without the need of harming other beneficial insects. It also has quite minimal toxicity to birds and mammals.

Additional minimal-hazard pesticides can be utilized, these types of as spinosad, azadiractin and insecticidal soaps. Nonetheless, these items could demand repeated programs to give very good regulate.

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Common insecticides labeled for bagworm manage include bifenthrin, cyfluthrin and permethrin. Afflicted plants will have to be totally lined with the insecticide so it is ingested by the insects as they feed.