Amna Nawaz:

Well, police in suburban Indianapolis are looking for answers after the country’s latest mass shooting. A man armed with two rifles killed three people in a mall food court last night. Investigators say a bystander legally armed with a handgun then shot and killed the gunman.

We will have more on this and on other mass shootings after the new summary.

A heat wave is scorching the central U.S. with temperatures at dangerous levels. Extreme heat warnings were issued across the West, Midwest and South today. Readings ranged from 100 degrees in Fargo, North Dakota, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, to 110 in Dallas. Officials in Texas warned that power use could break records again this week as customers crank up the air conditioning.

A separate heat wave that’s been searing Southern Europe moved north into Britain today. Temperatures topped 100 degrees shutting schools and train lines and closing some airports after runways melted. The heat has also fueled wildfires in France and Spain, displacing thousands of people. And heat-related deaths are in the hundreds. We will return to all of this later in the program.

In Ukraine, Russia continued its campaign of heavy shelling, killing even more civilians. Rescuers scoured the remnants of a residential building in the eastern town of Toretsk after a missile strike there killed at least six people.

Meanwhile, in Moscow, President Putin remained defiant over Western sanctions. He insisted that Russia won’t let itself be cut off.


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