Community Gardening

Top-dress turfgrass with compost or milorganite now. This is very best finished right after the garden is core-aerated initially. There is no will need to clear away the core plugs.

Reduction of inner needles of usually balanced conifers is a typical, seasonal incidence and is most readily apparent at this time on pine trees.

Plant most spring-flowering bulbs whenever now as they turn out to be available in garden facilities. Tulips are finest saved quickly in a cool, dark place until finally the soils awesome down in Oct.

Commence readying houseplants!–BriefBoldBulletStart– for wintertime indoors. Prune rampant prime development and any roots protruding from drainage holes. Carefully examine leaves and stems for pests and address if necessary.

Decide on pears before they are absolutely experienced and slide off the tree. Ripen in a amazing, dim site such as the flooring of a basement, cushioned under and covered above by numerous thicknesses of newspaper.