I’m an interior design expert — my two-minute flower centerpiece will make your home smell amazing for cheap


ONE of the most enjoyable aspects of summertime is getting the chance to decorate your home accordingly.

Summer decorations, including floral centerpieces, can be incredibly special and fun to create.

A woman named Brittany shares her centerpiece tutorial on Instagram


A woman named Brittany shares her centerpiece tutorial on InstagramCredit: Instagram/@thatorganizedhome

The loveliest part of floral centerpieces is the fact that they generally smell quite amazing.

It would be unlikely for someone to turn down the chance of having sweet scents roaming throughout their home.

A popular Instagram page called @ThatOrganizedHome is filled with plenty of DIY ideas for jaw-dropping home decor.

The video posted on their page on May 13, 2022, is all about a gorgeous citrus floral centerpiece that will look stunning in your kitchen.

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The woman featured in their video is named Brittany, aka @FiveFootFeminine, and she knows exactly what it takes to make an ideal decorative creation in two minutes or less.

Brittany starts the video by placing a clear glass jar inside a larger clear flower pot.

Next, she slices tons of lemons on a cutting board before stacking them in between the vase and clear glass jar within.

After that, Brittany fills the center glass jar with water and places an assortment of gorgeous pink and white flowers in the middle.

She spreads the flowers out in a way that makes them look totally stunning.

This is the type of home decoration that will certainly get you in the mood for warm weather.

According to Brittany, the floral centerpiece takes two minutes or less


According to Brittany, the floral centerpiece takes two minutes or lessCredit: Instagram/@thatorganizedhome

The video is not with some criticism from people who don’t exactly understand the allure.

One person wrote: “Just one question… Why? Why waste wonderful and tasty lemons?”

Another person added: “Pretty! But citrus actually can harm flowers due to the acidity!”

Other people totally appreciate Brittany’s artistic idea and attention to beauty.

Someone wrote: “Love this! So pretty.”

Another person added: “So pretty and perfect for summer!”

One person in the comment section suggested using artificial flowers which could be a viable option for anyone concerned about the acid of the lemons killing the flowers too quickly.

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