I’m a DIY expert – nine cheap ways to update your home for summer that can be done in one hour

WITH spells of sunshine sweeping across the nation, it’s the perfect time to prep your home in time for summer.

And one DIY expert has proven that you haven’t got to fork out thousands when it comes to overhauling your interior.


Lindsey Davis has shared her top DIY tips for cheap ways to update your home for summer that you can do in one hourCredit: Getty
The DIY expert recommends swapping your window dressings and painting your patio


The DIY expert recommends swapping your window dressings and painting your patioCredit: Lindsey Davis

Speaking to Fabulous, Lindsey Davis, editor of www.Realhomes.com, has provided her top DIY tips on how to update your home for summer while on a budget.

And perhaps best of all? They can all be done in as little as one hour.

1. Swap your window dressings

Lindsey notes that swapping your window dressings can have an incredible impact on your interior.

And according to the expert, it barely takes any time at all!

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“Heavy curtains for colder weather can be swapped for light and airy voiles,” she says.

“This might not be suitable in a bedroom where you want a window dressing that blocks light, but you could swap your curtains for a blackout roller blind paired with summery drapes.”

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She adds: “Roller blinds that you cut to size don’t take long to fit and can be picked up at most DIY and decor stores on the high street.”

2. Paint your patio

If you have ugly old slabs that don’t really match, Lindsey advises giving them a refresh with some masonry or concrete paint.

“Once cleaned, painted, and dried, you can stencil on a pattern to make them look like Spanish tiles or even terrazzo if you have a little more time,” she adds.

3. Give peel and stick wallpaper a go

Lindsey says that one of the easiest ways to give your house a summery update is to opt for peel and stick wallpaper.

“There are so many available now and as it’s so easy to apply and remove, it doesn’t matter if you don’t quite get it right,” she explains.

“Try it in an alcove to define a space, or inside an open media unit for a pop of pattern.” 

4. Freehand a feature wall

For those with an artistic eye, Lindsey recommends purchasing a tester pot and sponge and getting creative by free-handing a feature wall.

“If there is a plain wall in your home that needs a little lift, pick a contrasting colour, and turn your sponge into a stamp,” she says.

Heavy curtains for colder weather can be swapped for light and airy voiles

Lindsey DavisDIY expert

She adds: “You could cut it into a small circle for polka dots or cut ridges out of it to make a repeatable geometric pattern.”

Splodge at regular intervals over your wall (use masking tape as a guide if needed) for a super quick and fun update.”

5. Add open shelving to display your favourite things

The DIY expert says that hanging a shelf is in the grasp of most DIYers and that with the right tools, you can put up one or two small shelves in an hour.

She adds: “This creates much needed storage space and is a great way to display your favourite kitchenware or anything else that could double as decoration.”

You can then style this seasonally.”

6. Spray paint charity shop finds and existing accessories for a unified scheme

According to Lindsey, you can create a really put-together look with second hand items and any decor you already have, just by making them all look more similar.

“Simply use a base of spray primer, leave to dry, then re-coat all of your items with the same colour,” she advises.

“If you feel a bit more confident you could use a couple of shades of that colour for some variety, but this is a great way to build a scheme with old picture frames, candle holders and anything else that doesn’t quite go.”

7. Swap handles on cupboards and drawers

The DIY expert also suggests giving your old-fashioned cupboard handles a modern update.

If there is a plain wall in your home that needs a little lift, pick a contrasting colour, and turn your sponge into a stamp

Lindsey DavisDIY expert

“The tiniest of details can make all the difference,” she says. “You can pick up really beautiful doorknobs and handles on Etsy in a range of designs and swap out your existing hardware for a new look.”

8. Create your own artwork

“Art is subjective so anything you love to look at deserves a place on your walls,” Lindsey explains.

“Frame your kids’ most treasured creations in matching frames for a very personal gallery wall, or even get the whole family involved creating a canvas together – perhaps your little ones are the next Jackson Pollock?”

9. Turn beloved items into wall art

Lindsey suggests that even when sentimental items aren’t stunning to look at, you can make them into wonderful wall art by mounting them in a box frame.

She goes on to offer a few examples, such as a cinema ticket from a first date, baby’s first shoes or even a trinket your gran got you on holiday.

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“These are the frames that have a large space between the back and the glass, so you can fill them with items that mean something to you,” she explains.

“Use pins, museum gel or glue to hold them in place.”

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