Parenting is hard. Parents have to develop a set of skills in order to raise their children better. However hard it is, parenting is actually a wonderful and rewarding journey in the end.

As parents, there are lots of things to keep in mind when raising a child. Aside from giving them food, shelter, and clothings, one of the basic needs of a child is safety. Parents should be the one to provide it for them. Without the parents’ guidance, it is possible for children to face lots of risks.

If you are a parent, the safety of your children should be your number 1 priority. You would want to make sure that they are away from harm and all kinds of accidents, whether at home, in school, or even in shopping malls.

The first place to begin with is your home. How safe do you think is your home for your children to play around? If you are unsure of your answer, this article will share with you some tips on how to keep it safe for them.

Keep matches and candles out of reach

Whether you like it or not, children have a tendency to grab anything that attracts their attention. Particular matches and candles.

You know for a fact that these items, no matter how useful they are in the house, can be dangerous to your young one. Matches, when accidentally lit can start a fire while candles can accidentally be chewed by your child and may cause toxicity.

What better way to avoid this kind of scenario than keeping candles and matches out of reach? If you are someone who loves candles, you can try replacing the real ones with flamesless LED candles.

Clean up the clutter

Make sure there are no unused toys everywhere! Toys come in different shapes, some may even be smaller than 1 inch. If they are left on the ground, your young little one may crawl towards the toys and swallow them.

Swallowing toys may block their throat and this is very dangerous. Avoid fatal choking by giving your children toys that are appropriate to their age only. Most experts say that children 5 years old and older are the right ages to play with small toys. If your child is still younger than 5, then might as well not give them small toys yet, or if they have, keep these toys for the meantime until they are old enough to handle them.

Remove potential poisons

Poisoning can happen anytime and is common to happen among children under 5 years old. Keep your home safe from this by removing medicines and household chemicals that may be poisonous to your child.

When in doubt about a particular chemical, food, or medicine, might as well throw them away immediately. One of the ways to safeguard your children from poisoning is to remove potential poisons.

Educate yourself about the different ways to store chemicals properly, including medicines. Make sure storage places are locked up and out of reach.

Bathroom supervision

Remember not to leave your child unattended when giving them a bath or whenever they are around water. Water safety is also a priority.

Whenever your child is around rivers, pools, baths, you have to make sure that someone is supervising them. It could be you, a nanny, or a relative. It is very dangerous for a child to be around water on their own.

While giving them a bath, give your 100% attention to the child in the bath. It is a common mistake for some to just ask the older sibling to do the supervision. Unless the sibling is a responsible adult, might as well leave the thought behind.

Wipe out spills on the floor

As parents, we have the responsibility to ensure that our children are free from injuries. It should start by keeping the floors at home dry at all times. Especially when your child is still developing his or her fine motor skills, they would want to move around the house.

Although this is a good sign, there are risks to it. The more they can move around the house, the more they are at risk for accidents.

Your child’s safety should be your number 1 priority! By following these tips, you can surely safeguard your child from all known risks.

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