There is a Homelite Generator Line BUT! – One of the things that strikes me peculiar when you go to the Homelite Generator website, is that instead of seeing their entire line of generators all you see are two models; the HG1800 and the HG350. The other models: CGE6300, CG6300, CG4800, LRIE5500, LRIE4400, LRI2500, LRE5500, HLE4400, HL4400, HL2500, CHY500 and the HG6000 are nowhere to be found? You would think that a company of this size would list all of their generators on their website. BUT they simply do not exist. A quick check on the Internet and other sources and you will find close to a dozen Homelite units. BUT once again you won’t find those generators on their website.

Something else is odd about the Homelite Generator line; I know for a fact that Home Depot used to carry this line, BUT they are no longer listed on the Home Depot website. However, we did find at least the 1800 watt unit at a few Home Depot stores. Further research didn’t turn up any of these unit at any other major retailer. What does all of this mean? It could mean a number of things. Maybe Homelite is phasing out their generator line. Maybe they are reorganizing their generator division. We could go on and one with the speculation. BUT, we won’t because we have no idea what this means.

Customer Support at Homelite Generator – We looked at the fact that some type of change is in affect with this generator line. Until the word comes from the corporate headquarters, as I stated previously, no one really knows what’s going on. That being said, if you are looking for customer support after your purchase, you MAY go through what we went through.

We had a customer write a somewhat negative review about their experience and decided to confirm if what they said was true. We called Homelite to get a replacement part for the 1800 watt unit they have at Home Depot. We were told the part was essentially on backorder and to call back in a few months. That was in late November of 2008. We haven’t called back as of yet. Why not? When you buy a generator and need a replacement part, the last thing you want to hear is that you need to call back in about 3 months. How would you view that in terms of customer service?

My Homelite Generator is LOUD, Can You Tell Me Why? – The complaint about these generators being loud is a common one. BUT, you have to remember; basically these are inexpensive generators. That means if you want a quiet, fuel efficient generator, you’ll need to upgrade. There is an old saying and you probably know it, “You get what you pay for.” In this case, it is so true! When you buy a quiet generator, it is always going to cost more than the less expensive units.

Overall, we don’t know what’s happening with the Homelite Generator line. If you decide to buy one of these units because of the low price, just take into consideration all of the information that has been provided to you. Decide which features you NEED and which features you WANT. If having a quiet generator is your primary concern, do your homework and make sure you go with one of the brands that have proven to build quiet generators.

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