There’s no place like home, no food like home-cooked, no comfort like your own bed and certainly no space like it where you can be totally and freely be yourself.

Here, you’ve got everything the way you want it. You can cook and eat it your way, be at ease with yourself, wake up at your own timing, do your thing, laze around, do what you’ve got to do and all of these according to your convenience. And you don’t have to pretend… you’re simply totally you, living out the real person you’re made of.

Home is the place where you can simply be and not worry about how you look or speak, how you walk or carry yourself, how you act or behave. You are just you wholesomely and totally. It’s one place you don’t have to hesitate at all whenever you need or want something.

This is the place you first learn about life and love. Home is where you begin your journey of living and sharing. Although there are petty differences sometimes with people you share the same roof with, this is one place where all of us want to go back to.

At the end of the day, it comforts us to know that we have a roof above our heads, to call our very own. It comforts us that no matter how tiring and exhausting our daily chores had been, we still have some place to fall back on, to rest awhile and be ourselves.

It comforts us to know that there’s a place where we can always and always come back to, no matter how many magnificent buildings we’ve stepped into or no matter how spellbound we had been by the sight of one as such.

Sometimes, it’s easy to take our humble homes for granted but there’s really no place sweeter than the One Simple Home we call our own. They don’t simply call it “home sweet home” because there’s a lot more to it than being a part of one family. When you become family and share a home together, you share your very life together.

You share you dreams, hopes and aspirations, you share your likes and dislikes, you share your ambitions and you not only share but you thrive to make them come true. There’s a strong bond that connects us as families. You love and care from the bottom of your hearts and you really mean well.

Sure, there are days when everything falls apart but it’s that unbreakable connection of being family that binds you to one home, one roof.

It’s really amazing how a simple meal at home seems to taste better than varieties of spices put together. Somebody had once said about putting love into what’s being cooked that makes all the differences. Maybe it’s true that love changes the entire picture of things around us. It puts back everything into the right perspective and we can see it in many details of our lives. Love is the common factor that drives us together as family or friends.

And our homes are based on that one common theme- “LOVE”, simple yet powerful. It nurtures us, and instill in us the desire to love and care for those we are connected with.

It is this feeling of love and warmth we get at home that makes us want to go back to it over and over again. And it is this feeling of goodness that we ought to share with whenever we step out. Just as being at home makes us feel so good about living, we’ve got to try and make this world a better place by thriving to make it one sweet home for all humanity.

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