House and home are two separate things. A house is simply a building with four walls and a roof, a structure used exclusively for function. On the other hand, a home is a special place that can be a source of reassurance and leisure. To make a home, one has to put their personal and special touch into it, and we all know that certain smells can evoke nostalgia and even affect our mood. So it’s apt, when creating a home, to surround the environment with rich aromas that inspire relaxation and comfort. The Italian chemist turned artisan perfumer, Dr. Paulo Vranjes, understood just how important scent was to making a home. In knowing this fact, he set out and revolutionized the art of aromatherapy with his line of home fragrances.

Dr. Vranjes’ Grandfather was a silk trader, who developed a passion for collecting different essences and perfumes on his travels. This unique pastime was passed down to Dr. Vranjes, who was classically trained in the sciences. Looking to capture the rich, warm fragrances of the Mediterranean, he set up his lab in Florence and expertly combined science and technology with techniques passed down from generation to generation. He blended natural ingredients with some the finest essential oils to create scents that are luxurious and inviting.

A little known fact is that it was actually Dr. Vranjes who invented the idea of the home diffusion system of using bamboo reeds. This detail is quite appropriate for the fact that Dr. Vranjes would want to utilize his opulent fragrances to the best of their abilities. The reeds absorb the fragrance and subtlety dispels the scent throughout your home. So to experience the full characteristics of the home fragrance, place the apothecary bottle in the center of the room or at the entrance of a hallway and reverse the reeds sporadically to control the potency of the aroma.

Dr. Vranjes’ room diffuser fragrances come in several different scents so personalizing your living space is effortless. The scents come in three different categories, all representing the intricacies of the beautiful Mediterranean. The Elements include Acqua- blue and fresh, Aria- elegant and delicate, Fuoco- warm and animated, and Terra- complex and precise. The Soft and Fruity consist of Fico Selvatico- delicate and fresh, Melograno- warm and elegant, and Vaniglia Mandarino- warm and familiar. The Eleganti Fiorite contains Spezie Rare- green and light, Ginger and Lime- fresh and clean, and Tuberosa- floral summer. With such a wide variety of fragrances to choose from you can mix and match each room, creating a beautiful Mediterranean ambiance no matter where you live.

All of Dr. Vranjes’ products are hand crafted in his little Italian laboratory to give a home-spun feeling to his scents. His goal every time he sets out to design a new sent is to “constantly and indefatigably create unique olfactory delights.” So if you are looking to create a warm inviting atmosphere for your home, use Dr. Vranjes’ home fragrances and be transported to the exotic Mediterranean.

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