The hockey skating tips in this article are very simple, but for many, if not most, players, they can go a long way in making you a faster and more powerful skater. Skating ability is the single most important skill in hockey, and skating makes the difference between good and great players. Here are three great tips to help you bring your skating to the next level.

1) Form is everything, so make sure yours is good.

In skating, very small problems with form can make huge differences. If you’ve never taken power skating, it’s probably a good idea. Otherwise, get someone to video tape you skating, or have a coach analyze it. Very small corrections to problems with your stride could have huge impacts on your speed.

2) Keep your arms in tight to your sides.

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of people make skating is that they let their arms move loosely, often from side to side. Any motion that isn’t in the direction your skating is just bleeding off energy and causing your balance to lower. Keep your arms tight at your side, and pump them in the direction of your motion, not from side to side.

3) Work on your speed in the gym as well as on the ice.

There is only so much ice time available to a player, and ice time is very expensive. It’s important that you use your time in the off-season and in the gym to work on your speed. Working the right muscle groups with the right exercises will result in huge gains in your speed. Off the ice is one of the best places to work on getting faster.

Following these three tips will take you a long way with your skating, but it’s important to work hard on improving. For the best results, look into power skating and get a good hockey specific training manual for your off-ice development. Hiring a coach or trainer can also be an option. Whatever you do though, always continue working on your skating speed and power, because you can’t be a dominant player without being a great skater.

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