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If you want to make your party as memorable as possible, you’re going to have to go all out. To help you out, we’ve put together a guide that will cover the basics involving party decorations.

Why Party Decorations Matter

Parties are fun events where you and other fine folk get to have a good time. So where do decorations come into play? Well, decorations are there to impact the way you feel about the party’s venue. Without decorations, the venue may feel like a regular event hall or house, but with decorations installed you can feel the mood the moment you step into the party.

Types of Party Decorations

Banners and garlands

Both banners and garlands take up a lot of space when set up. They’re designed to spread out as far as possible and are great for covering large areas at once. Don’t try decorating the entire house with just these two decorations, however, as things can get very messy very quickly.

Balls and orbs

Balls and orbs are more subtle than the likes of banners and garlands as they don’t cover nearly as much surface area. What they do have, however, is complexity — orbs can be lined with beautiful patterns and designs, whereas paper balls may have complex cuts that make them look like unnatural shapes. Place these decorations in points of interest and try not to spread them out too much.


Lights add a modern touch to your decorations. When used at night, they give off this faint, warm glow that’s beautiful when done right. They’re also highly customizable, allowing you to change the way the colors blink, increase and decrease in brightness, and so on.

Things to Consider When Buying Party Decorations


Party decorations can be made out of a few different materials. Paper is one of the most common, and you can easily find paper decorations for banners and balls. There’s also plastic, which is often used for larger and more permanent decorations, such as Christmas tree balls. Then, you have more complex materials such as metal, which are often used as components in bigger decorations such as LED lights.


Design matters a lot if you’re going for a certain theme for your party. For example, simple decorations are perfect for a modern, formal, business-like event, whereas floral decorations are great for birthdays and family gatherings. Think about what feelings get evoked when you look at a certain type of decoration and see if that lines up with the ideal vibe of the overall event.


Decorations can either fit in the palm of your hand or span your entire height and then some. This can be a problem logistics-wise, as it can be difficult to set them up properly depending on the layout of the space. When working with larger decorations, consider enlisting help from other people to speed up the process.

Where Should I Install Party Decorations?

Party decorations should ideally be installed in areas where people will see them. They’re decorations, after all, and not having them be visible defeats the purpose of even setting them up in the first place. But just because you think someone is going to see the decoration there doesn’t mean it’s a good spot.

When planning where to set up decorations, think about where people will be naturally facing at all times. For example, a venue with a set of chairs and a stage will result in people naturally facing toward the stage, so you should decorate that area well. Similarly, it’s good to decorate the front of your home as that’s what guests will first see when they enter your place.


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