Glenview-Based Organizing Expert Releases Debut Book ‘Home Sweet Organized Home’


CEO and founder of The Organized Mama and Glenview resident, Jessica Litman, announced today the launch of her debut book, “Home Sweet Organized Home.” The new book provides individuals and families with concrete strategies, tips and worksheets to organize their homes and gain control of their lives.

Over the past 10 years, Litman has created a national name for herself helping others declutter their lives through her blog and social media. Her new book provides detailed strategies for organization, tips for decluttering each space in homes and insights on how one’s mindset is affected by organization. Throughout the book, Litman touches on topics such as:

Defining Organization: At the beginning of the organizational process, Litman encourages readers to ask: what does it mean for this space to be organized? Understanding what organization means will help determine the end goal, helping readers determine next steps to make that goal a reality.

Creating and Maintaining Organizing Habits: Simple shifts in organizing habits can make a huge difference. Rather than completely upending one’s daily life, Litman encourages readers to tweak existing habits that create a more organized, but attainable, lifestyle.

Dealing with Perfectionism: Perfectionism can be overwhelming. A perfectionist herself, Litman shares her own experience combating perfectionism and provides tips to overcome those tendencies, helping readers not only develop more sustainable organizing habits, but also live a more fulfilling life.

“Organization has been my passion ever since I was little, and I’m thrilled that I get to continue sharing simple, yet effective, organization strategies with an even wider audience. In my new book, I dive deeper into the mental aspect of organization and provide concrete tips for organization around the home,” said Litman. “It’s an honor to help people create a home they love while also cultivating a positive mindset and sense of control in their lives.”



Home Sweet Organized Home is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and major retailers nationwide.

About The Organized Mama

Founded in 2013 and based in Chicagoland, The Organized Mama blog, business, e-learning workshops and virtual consultation service offer practical strategies and hacks for all things organization, decoration and DIY. In her debut book “Home Sweet Organized Home,” Jessica Litman provides clear-cut strategies for individuals and families to declutter their environments and their minds, fostering a more positive and organized day-to-day mindset. More about Jessica and The Organized Mama can be found at



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