Photo credit: Richard Foreman/Prime Video

Photo credit: Richard Foreman/Prime Video

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Outer Range is the suspenseful new Western/sci-fi show that will keep you up at night. Josh Brolin stars as Royal Abbott, a Wyoming father and rancher fighting to keep his land. But not all is as it seems. Two of his cows go missing and he discovers a huge hole in his pasture that seems to be some kind of time-travel portal. His daughter-in-law disappeared without a trace. A mysterious stranger with questionable motives appears looking for a place to camp.

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The Prime Video show has lots of familiar faces, including Josh (Avengers: End Game, The Goonies), Noah Reid (Schitt’s Creek), Lili Taylor (Six Feet Under, The Conjuring), Lewis Pullman (Top Gun: Maverick), and Will Patton (Yellowstone, Armageddon). If you’re a fan of shows like Yellowstone, Stranger Things, and The Leftovers, you’ll want to start watching now. Here’s what you need to know.

When Is the Next Episode of Outer Range Coming Out?

Two new episodes will be available every Friday for the next four weeks on Prime Video. The first two are available for streaming now, and two more will be out on April 22.

Photo credit: Richard Foreman/Prime Video

Photo credit: Richard Foreman/Prime Video

How Many Episodes of Outer Range Are Left?

The season has eight episodes total, so six more remain. We can already tell we’ll be wanting more!

Here’s the Complete Release Schedule of Outer Range:

  • Episode 01: The Void, Now Streaming: Wyoming rancher Royal Abbott discovers an unfathomable mystery at the edge of his property, setting in motion a catastrophic chain of events.

  • Episode 02: The Land, Now Streaming: The Abbott family frantically conspires to cover up their crimes but can’t piece together what has happened to Royal.

  • Episode 03: The Time, April 22

  • Episode 04: The Loss, April 22

  • Episode 05: The Soil, April 29

  • Epsiode 06: The Family, April 29

  • Episode 07: The Unknown, May 6

  • Episode 08: The West, May 6

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