Devin Nunes, the former California congressman who left his old job to run former President Donald Trump’s new social media app Truth Social, previously said that the beleaguered app would be fully operational by the end of March.

After the app had a “soft launch” in February that was plagued by various glitches and a very long wait list, Nunes said the goal was for the app to be fully rolled out to American users by March 31. March 31 came and went: The wait list is still very long, and in recent days, not one, not two, but three separate unflattering reports have emerged on the job Nunes left Congress for.

The Daily Beast reviewed data from an analytics firm and found that Truth Social is now seeing just 8,000 downloads a day, which is down from a peak of 170,000. Furthermore, the app is only the 355th most popular app among Apple device users. According to the Daily Beast, several lesser-known alternate social media sites are handily beating Truth Social in downloads.

Reuters subsequently reported Monday that two key executives with an actual background in tech — Josh Adams and Billy Boozer — have resigned. One source familiar with Truth Social told Reuters that Adams was the “brains” of the app’s technology, and “if Josh has left… all bets are off.”

A third report from BBC highlights how Truth Social’s launch has been perceived by onlookers. An unnamed “Republican ally” of Trump’s told the publication, “Nobody seems to know what’s going on.” Joshua Tucker, the director of NYU’s Center for Social Media and Politics, said of the app: “It’s been a disaster.”

Both the BBC and Daily Beast reports state that Trump himself is “furious” about the app’s woes. The Daily Beast reports that Trump’s frustration may have turned to resignation, as “sources close to Trump say he has recently complained about the low-energy activity on the app and appears disengaged from trying to turn the platform around, much less post on it.”

Trump posted one “truth,” the app’s equivalent of a tweet, during the launch, but has yet to post any subsequent truths.


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