Cushions are the best choice of accessory for your sofa and it can be easily updated according to seasonal trends. It is no exaggeration to say that the cushions are like a good hairstyle or a new trending of shoes in the market. You can add popular colors or decorate your room with minimal cost and effort. You can change the appearance of the room every month. Because they are easy to do, so you need to change some every season. 

Placing the perfect cushion can not only improve the shape of the sofa or bed, but also it makes it look more comfortable and cozy to anyone sitting on it. The recent cushions are one of the most cost-effective ways to regenerate your home. 

Invest in high-quality handmade cushions or customize your own to instantly refresh your room. 

So, do you need some help on how to design your handmade cushions

Before designing your handmade cushions, you need to first know and familiarize how to make it:

Step 1: measure the mat or check the size of your cushion. Use a ruler to mark the area of the fabric with a triangle and a high-grade chalk pencil. Mark once the front of the cushion and then on the back. Put the pattern in the middle if there is one. Cut it into pieces and iron. 

Step 2: fix the front and back of the cushion to the right, leaving space on one side of the cushion. Fix the end of the thread and reverse the stitches of the sewing machine to a position close to the crease. 

Step 3: use corner clips to remove heavier fabrics (such as velvet). Or, to form a sharp, slightly pad corner on a lightweight fabric. Fold the double seam creases on both sides. Press along the stitch line and press down. 

Step 4: turn over the handmade cushion cover, and then press the cushion to insert it. Use a needle and a few threads to push the sewing hole open to close it. 

Now, to make your handmade cushions more customized and characterized as your own, here are the 4 tips we can provide to you on how to decorate and design your cushions covers:

  1. Tones of your cushions covers


The cushions help to exude the interior style and create an organized appearance. This is also a way to add color to the space. Especially when it comes to large pieces of furniture, the neutral sofa occupies the entire room. 

You can decide the color of your handmade cushions based on the shape you want to create and based on the other items in the living room. To decorate a formal space, it is best to choose matching colors or more calm colors. You can make the palette more enjoyable in your casual and comfortable home. 

  1. Patterns


If you like patterns, don’t be afraid to mix them together instead of having 2 or 3 identical things. Just make sure to clean up the colors and textures. 

Modern cushion methods allow you to mix patterns and prints to add personality to the space, but be careful because they may exaggerate. Choose patterns for your handmade cushions that complement the overall palette of your room. In order to keep the shade of the handmade cushion, some ordinary cushions are mixed together to provide a sense of stability. 

  1. Embroidery

The art of embroidery has been passed down from generation to generation. You can apply the art of embroidery to your handmade cushion. This takes a lot of effort and patience but once it is done, you’ll be satisfied on how it actually looks complementing your sofa. 

  1. Floral motifs

images (1).jpg

Flowers are a particularly common theme for decorating sofa cushions. Discover new ideas and interesting things for handmade cushions to cool your home. If you choose a floral pattern for decoration, it is best to do it in bright and healthy colors. If you choose flowers for decorating handmade cushions, a combination of multiple colors is ideal: yellow and green, brown, blue and all picks. 

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