Decorating Ukrainian easter eggs has special meaning for some who still have family in the country amid war | Lehigh Valley Regional News


NORTHAMPTON, Pa. – While many people get creative when coloring Easter eggs, it takes a lot of dedication to do it the Ukrainian way. With the war in Ukraine raging, some locals who make the eggs are also sending their love and support to the Ukrainian people.

At a cozy home in Northampton, I’m learning about the history of Ukrainian eggs called pysanka.

Christina Duetsch and Jessie Hnatow have been making them for years.

But with the war raging in Ukraine, this year has special meaning. Especially for Olha Kravchenko, who has family in western Ukraine.

“It’s so beautiful and so unique, it’s our heritage, it’s our Ukrainian soul,” Kravchenko said.

The women are kind enough to let me join in. They show me how to write on hollowed eggs with black beeswax, and then dip the egg into dye over and over until layers of color cover the egg.

But this is not decoration. Every symbol has a special meaning. And each egg is filled with prayer.

Whether it’s just giving them a little bit of support or courage or strength, just put your hope into it for the Ukrainian people.

Once the writing is complete, the wax comes off.

While they may seem like just colored eggs, the meaning behind them is brighter than a kaleidoscope.

“It’s wonderful that people keep making those pysankas and it’s wonderful they are remembering about Ukraine,” Kravchenko said.


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