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Decorating your home or office is a great way to show off your creativity, put a personal spin on your space and create an inviting atmosphere. At least, that’s the case for some people. For others, just the thought of decorating presents an anxiety-filled exercise in decision-making. What colors go together? How do you know when it’s okay to mix patterns and texture? Will certain pieces be the right size for your space, and how do you bring multiple styles together to create a cohesive design?

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Well, that’s all about to change (hopefully). Now there’s a new subscription service that brings home décor to your door: Decorated. Whether you enjoy refreshing your space every season with new items or are in desperate need of some guidance, Decorated aims to make it easy to give your home the ‘wow’ factor.

I’ll be the first to admit that decorating is not my strong suit. I know what I like in terms of décor when I see things in magazines or friends’ homes, but creating a plan and committing to changes in my home can make me feel overwhelmed. Then there’s my husband, a man who requires a minimum of eight months to decide on a $20 purchase. Together, we have a home with a lot of potential and several empty walls.

Were we recently robbed? No. Did we just move in? Sure. Four years ago. That’s why I was excited to try Decorated, a service that claims it makes it easy to pull the trigger and commit to an accent piece.



Buy: Decorated Subscription $75.00 to $79.99

What Is Decorated?

Decorated describes itself as “an interior decorator in a box,” and that’s pretty accurate. Each box features décor pieces that compliment the current season or holiday. A team of design specialists chooses the items, and Decorated includes a booklet with beautifully styled pictures to inspire how to use them on their own or together.

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The items are seasonally appropriate and can include tabletop runners, throw pillow covers, decorative trays, tabletop décor, printed art, or small DIY projects. The idea is that these pieces reflect the current season and, in some cases, be used year-round.



How Does Decorated Work?

Decorated offers a Quarterly Subscription or a slightly discounted Annual Subscription. Both memberships include up to eight curated options per box, special pricing and access to exclusive sales in the Decorated Member’s Only décor shop, and exclusive access to a Member’s Only holiday box. Two options range from $75.00 to $79.99 per box. The retail value of the items is estimated to be around $200.00 per box.

  • Choose from the two subscription options and enter your credit card info.

  • Wait for one of the curated boxes to arrive at your destination.

  • Open your curated Decorated box and follow the included booklet (and Decorated social pages) for inspiration on how to incorporate the pieces in your home.

What Services Does Decorated Offer?

Subscribers can buy one-off items from the online Members Only Decorated store and purchase past Decorated boxes at a discounted price. Items in past boxes are displayed online, so you know what you’re getting, and they arrive with the same packaging and helpful design booklets as current boxes.



Decorated Review

Decorated is all about improving the look of your home, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the packaging is beautiful. My Decorated box arrived with all the items intact and ready to be put on display.



Current seasonal boxes and holiday add-on boxes, including the upcoming Easter 2022 boxes, keep their contents a secret online, making opening your new Decorated box exciting. My box featured a cotton table runner, a double-sided seasonal spring print, two ceramic birds, a metal wall hook, a pedestal with a birdcage, two strings of beads, a glass vase, and faux lamb’s ears stems.

I could use all the items to complement each other or spread them throughout the home in different rooms to help carry a cohesive style from room to room. I liked that the items were neutral for the most part and matched my existing décor. The birds’ and beads’ light blue color was not a color that I would typically gravitate towards, but it paired well with the gray and browns in my kitchen and helped me add a pop of color.



In addition to providing several styling pictures and ideas for each item, the booklet included with my Decorated box also featured new additions to the Members Only Decorated shop. Styling many of the items shown in the book together makes it easy for customers to visualize how the pieces could work in their home as a set.

Decorated has embraced social media and encourages customers to engage in their Facebook group and on Instagram using their #Deohacks hashtag. Customers share how they have styled their home with Decorated pieces, which I found helpful when trying to incorporate the items in my home. Apparently, there are many ways to make tiny birds look cool. Who knew?

Seeing how others styled their pieces made me more excited about my items and inspired me to start making more decorating moves in my home. I’ve spent a lot of time scrolling through Decorated’s past boxes and online store over the last week. The addiction is certainly growing.

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    • Annual Subscription is $75 per box (prepay for four boxes at $299 and enjoy free shipping).

    • Quarterly Subscription is $79.99 per box (billed four times per year with an additional $10 shipping per box).

    • Holiday Box Add Ons are between $39.99 to $49.99 and can be purchased individually.

    • Past boxes can be purchased for $59.99 to $79.99 and are often discounted.

    • Members Shop includes home decor items ranging in price up to $350.


There is a lot to like about Decorated. The items all feel like high-quality pieces, and the company makes it easy to incorporate the products with your existing décor. Each Decorated box comes with things that work with previous Decorated releases, and the holiday-specific products are tasteful and will likely last through many celebrations. Plus, it’s always fun to open a new box of goodies.

My biggest issue with Decorated was the cost. Spending $75 to $79.99 per box plus shipping is a hefty price tag. The retail value of the items is more than double what customers pay, but there is still some sticker shock, especially when there’s a chance that not all (or even any) of the products will be to your liking. For example, the table runner included in my set wasn’t the right size for my table, so I’ll have to get creative in using it.

Currently, buying a Quarterly or Annual Membership is the only way to shop with Decorated. Customers must subscribe to Decorated to be able to purchase special edition add-on boxes or past boxes, as well as items from the Decorated store. Many past Decorated boxes are available at a massive discount, so that is where the most significant deals appear to be.

I received the Spring 2021 Box, originally $79.99, and it is now on sale for $59.99. Decorated is currently running a sale with an additional 40% off, but only on your first Quarterly Subscription box. Is this a good deal? If you were to buy four quarterly boxes individually, it would cost approximately $327.99, including $10 per box shipping at the end of the year. An Annual Subscription costs $299.



Many of my friends I look to for decoration inspiration loved the items I received and agreed the price was fair. Decorated also offers gift cards, which I will be purchasing for my decor superstars and those who need some home help. I also liked having so many examples of how to use the items and that the pieces were versatile, working in most rooms in my home.

If you’re someone who loves decorating and is always looking to freshen up your space, or you’re like me and very intimidated by empty shelves and contrasting color pallets, Decorated is a fun, splurge-worthy subscription that can help a space look like a home.



Buy: Decorated Subscription $75.00 to $79.99

How To Sign Up

Signing up for Decorated is easy. You can do everything on their website, which clearly labels the two subscription options.

  • Step 1: Choose between the Annual and Quarterly Subscription

  • Step 2: Input your shipping and billing information

  • Step 3: Choose a bonus sign up gift

  • Step 4: Try to be patient while waiting for your first Decorated box full of goodies

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