City of Albuquerque employee caught stealing Christmas decoration


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A couple pulled up to their home in the heights and were shocked to see what a city of Albuquerque employee was doing. The worker, on the job in a city truck, was stealing one of their Christmas decorations. The couple caught it all on video.

It all started with a 311 complaint. A couple drove up to their home near Juan Tabo and Indian School on Dec. 14. As they drove up the street they spotted a city vehicle. The driver was supposed to be delivering meals to seniors.

As they turned around to park, they noticed someone in the yard by their fence grabbing something on the ground. The couple can’t believe what is happening.

They’re stunned as the city worker got back in his truck and took off. They made sure to get the vehicle’s information.

The city’s inspector general investigated, reviewing the truck’s GPS and then interviewing the employee. He stated that given the season, he decided to take the decoration. He said he put the decoration in the garage.

The investigation concluded that the worker’s actions cast the city and his department in a negative light with the citizens they’re supposed to be serving, and that the case could lead to theft charges.

The city won’t say if or how the city employee was punished, or whether he kept his job. They also won’t say if the case will be sent to Albuquerque Police for criminal charges.


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