An interior designer creates an old-world classic Hamptons home from scratch


With sun-drenched rooms and high ceilings, this four bedroom family home, a short drive from Adelaide’s coastline, is a breath of fresh air for owner and interior designer, Delilah.

The project was a labour of love. Delilah bought the 2000 square metre property in 2015, knocking down the existing building three years later. From the initial meetings with Genworth Group, who designed and built the new home, right to the last lick of paint, she was heavily involved in the process.

Finally, after four years ā€“ and the addition of her daughter, Chantelle, now two years old ā€“ the home of Delilah’s dreams is complete.

“I wanted windows at the back of the house to let the light in, high ceilings, two courtyards, mantlepieces, a library and an office.” While the office was intended as a place for Delilah to kickstart her new interior design business, Gloss Interiors, she wanted the rest of the home to serve her love of entertaining family and friends.
From the entrance, where visitors are greeted by coffered ceilings, right through to the back of the house, where an alfresco area helps bridge the space between indoors and outdoors, there’s a sense of refined elegance. Classic Hamptons features abound, from chair rail wainscoting to arched panelled windows, dentil cornices and solid oak timber flooring. While these embellishments herald a classic coastal feel, it’s the lighting that Delilah believes really adds the wow factor. “It took me a year to source the lighting in each room,” she admits.
With large windows allowing for an abundance of sunshine to filter through, Delilah rarely needs the lights to fulfil their practical purpose during the day. Instead, they serve as grand decoration, with chandeliers, pendants and wall sconces highlighting the tall ceilings and evoking a sense of luxury that still feels homely.
That sense of comfort is important to Delilah. As elegant as she wanted her home to be, fostering a feeling of total relaxation was a necessity. After all, what is a coastal home without some seaside serenity?
“Comfort is really important in design,” she says. “The hallways were created a little bit wider to have that feeling of space all throughout the home. That’s what makes it comfortable.” It’s in stark contrast to the building Delilah had knocked down, which she described as cramped, dark and dreary. “I couldn’t live in a dark home,” explains Delilah. “I needed light.”
After four years of hard work, Delilah is looking forward to starting her business so she can help others bring their dream homes to life. “Having design in my blood, I knew I wanted to do something that really reflected my taste and my style. Whether I do it again for myself, I don’t know. I’ll do it for others, but for me? I’ll leave that up to destiny.”

While Delilah changed her mind frequently during the build, she says Genworth Group were always accommodating with every switch she made. It was all worth it once she saw Chantelle in her new home for the first time. “She just ran up and down the hallway,” she laughs. “It’s important to choose a builder who aligns with your own passins to make the process seamless and satisfying,” says Delilah.

Photography KATE BOWMAN


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