It’s only natural that you want your flat to feel comfortable and express your own personality. This can be a bit of a challenge in an HDB flat, where you and a hundred of your neighbors share the same floor plan – but it’s not impossible! Here are some easy tips to help create an exciting, personalized living space.


Pale pastels, light neutral earth tones, and whites are the best colors for small flats. Dark colors make a room feel claustrophobic and depressing, while light colors promote an open, airy feel. Consider using light green or sage in living rooms and kitchens to complement wood furnishings, and pale blue in a bedroom to promote a restful sleep.


Any small flat will benefit from the addition of multi-purpose furniture. To avoid making your flat feel cluttered, choose furniture that combines functions – for example, a bed with drawers built under the frame, or a coffee table with built-in bookshelves.

Go vertical whenever possible. Add display shelving high up on walls instead of using a huge piece of furniture, and hang large art pieces to draw the eye and provide an expansive feel.


Use a bit of bold contrast to convey your multi-faceted personality. Add bright color with throw pillows, or one brightly painted piece of furniture. Horizontal stripes or a few touches of large floral or graphic prints bring a spacious, contemporary feel to a room.

Create that eclectic feel with contrasting styles as well. Increase a room’s personality quotient with one antique piece amid sleek contemporary design, or upholster an old chair with an updated fabric print.


To build a feeling of spaciousness throughout your flat, keep floors clear. This means avoiding the overuse of area rugs, making use of floating or built-in shelving as much as possible, and choosing floor coverings that match or complement wall colors.

Keeping floor coverings uniform in the entire flat will produce a natural flow from one room to the next. Wooden floors are a great choice, and cork or bamboo provide the look of natural wood with added environmental benefits.


Above all, let the light into your flat! In small spaces, track lighting is a great option. Use window treatments that accent windows, rather than hide them. Place a few mirrors to reflect natural light and double the effect of light fixtures.

Contemporary interior design encourages mix-and-match of styles, colors, and patterns – so it should be easy for you to choose a scheme that showcases your own personal style.

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