The world of interior design is constantly evolving, and just like the return of low-rise jeans, home decor trends make comebacks from the early 2000s to the 1960s.

Whether you like to switch things up in your home each season, or you like to add a little something to your home decor to make a subtle, yet on-brand change for your living space, check out these 10 summer home decor trends.

These trends are not necessarily summer-related, as much as trending now in the world of interior design, making them sustainable choices as they are sure to not turn over by the end of August.

From adding in some earthy tones to getting a new statement piece, here are 10 summer home decor trends to get on now whether you live in an apartment or are looking to spruce up your outdoor space.


10 Stand-Out Decor

Give a room makeup by simply adding a statement piece. It doesn’t have to be over the top and elaborate, a simple addition is sufficient to change the rooms ora. For example, put up your collection of vintage cameras, this is both functional, giving you access to your items and also honoring them as they are important to you.

You can also make a plant corner, or set up a record player station. Give the room a statement, whether it is functional or decorative.

9 Go Biophilic

A home decor trend that never fails is biophilic elements and indoor plants. The problem with indoor plants is you have to keep up with them and how to take care of them through the seasons. For example in the summer, you actually should water them at night time so the heat doesn’t take up all their water.

For a natural look, that doesn’t involve caring for plants, incorporate more natural elements like green and brown hues, textures like stone or whicker and anything that can provide the home with an earthy feel.

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8 Mood Lighting

This is a home decor trend that many people did not see coming, but if you have seen the latest season of The Kardashians, you know that most of them have a pop of color mood lights in their homes.

From Khloe’s brand new home decor with lots of pink lights among bright white ones to Kendall’s wellness-oriented home decor that is surrounded by pink and purple lights, it is a clear trend.

7 Cultural Items

Add some personal touches to your home decor, find decor that reflects your cultural background and celebrate it.

If you feel more connected to pop culture, add movie posters or generation-relevant decor that makes you feel connected with the times and society. What is important is that it represents you.

6 Cohesive Indoor And Outdoor Spaces

This trend might be hard to wrap your head around, but once you do you will want to try it. Instead of seeing home decor as strictly outside or inside, imagine curating more of a cohesive space.

When your indoor and outdoor furniture are not completely different, so they go together, it creates a more cohesive appearance. Keep in mind that outdoor furniture does need to have certain durability, but look for furniture that matches the indoor.

5 Mid-Century Accents

Mid-century, which reflects home decor trends from the late 60s and early 70s is back stronger than ever. Have fun with it, embrace burnt orange, mustard yellow, forest green and even a mix of the three.

More ideals include dark cherrywood, with thin-legged furniture that lacks detail. Other ideas include organic shapes for mirrors and decor, and embracing circles.

4 Get Bohemian

Bohemian is always a home decor trend, but especially in the summer when you are feeling the vibes of heat and vacation, it is definitely a decor to tap into. Plus, it is really fun as bohemian decor embraces colors, patterns and textures that feel good to be surrounded by.

For a warm and fuzzy feeling this summer, tap into your inner bohemian.

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3 Modern Shapes

Modern home decor utilizes organic shapes to create a clean look, it steps away from traditional shapes. Instead of a typical couch, imagine a rounded one. The same goes for your average chair, instead of something that has some organic yet simple elements.

Adding some modern shapes into any home decor style is a fun and subtle way to switch things up and create your own personal aesthetic.

2 A Pop Of Color

What says summer more than a pop of color? Add some color to any room with simple solutions like changing out the pillowcases, or creating a new centerpiece.

You don’t have to overdo it, simply find a way to incorporate color into each room to mix things up.

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1 Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is a huge home decor and renovation trend, especially as summer approaches and that can lead people to run the air conditioning all day. Make sustainable renovations to your home that include insulation, using more fans and ways to catch water to make living functional, and sustainable.

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10 Ways To Add Some Color To Your Home Decor

10 Ways To Add Some Color To Your Home Decor

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