Are you seeking to create a poisonous-no cost dwelling area? Are you performing difficult to eradicate VOCs by building superior choices? As you rework or build, your flooring tops the listing as just one content that can make a big difference in the ecosystem you develop.

What are VOCs?

VOC is limited for volatile organic compounds. VOCs are chemical compounds that have been proven to influence overall health both in the limited or prolonged time period. Some of them are carcinogenic, and have been tested to damage wellness.

Thousands of prevalent, each day products employed all through residential and business spaces have substantial amounts of VOCs. As we become extra conscious of what they are and how they impact us, we’re performing tough to decrease them in the issues most most likely to affect us.

Nonetheless, some components have superior VOC stages, these as cleansing products, paints and finishes, and other building elements. The moment in spot, they “off-gas” and release chemicals into the air offer. Dependent on the problems, that may well expose all all over it to high pollutant amounts. VOCs off-gassing may contain chemicals this kind of as:

  • Formaldehyde – identified in pressed wooden, plastics, lacquers, paneling, flooring, ending items, and household furniture.
  • Phenol – discovered in some vinyl flooring and wall coverings.
  • BTEX – discovered in petroleum-centered products and solutions.
  • Methylene chloride – the most prevalent of all VOCs, it’s in flame retardant chemicals. It is typical in adhesives.

Living with VOCs

Sad to say, our life style of contemporary conveniences dictates that VOCs will be a part of our lives for the foreseeable potential. When thousands of chemical compounds appear alongside one another indoors to sort a poisonous soup, the success can contain complications, dizziness, exhaustion, and shortness of breath. Prolonged-term exposure can guide to critical disease, like harm to the central anxious system, or cancer.

A review by the EPAs Workplace of Analysis and Growth found about a dozen widespread natural and organic pollutants to be two to 5 situations greater inside of houses than outdoors, irrespective of no matter whether the homes were being positioned in rural or highly industrial parts.

Want To Eliminate VOCs? Check Out These Flooring ChoicesWith so numerous harmful chemical substances inside of your home, quite a few home owners are having the move to study extra about VOCs, what it takes to eradicate them, and make superior decisions when picking out dwelling merchandise this sort of as flooring choices.

How to come across the most secure, greenest flooring selections for your property

As you tackle distinct property enhancement jobs, pay out attention to the products or substances made use of for each individual products you carry into your property. This might seem like an too much to handle process at to start with, but this is some thing you can start off shelling out interest to above time.

The EPA provides a finish list of recognised VOCs, what they are, and how they may possibly be outlined on the supplies or items you obtain.

You can also glance for certification programs stated on the products you purchase. The most frequent certifications for examining a product’s effect on indoor air good quality consist of:

GreenGuard – it has two degrees of certification that measure VOC ranges in merchandise. The GreenGuard Gold certification is normally considered the most beneficial for identifying healthy products and solutions on the market place right now.

Floorscore – Floorscore certification presents a common certification method for all types of challenging floor flooring materials, underlayment, and adhesives. Floorscore complies with the lawfully allowable boundaries in California, which does mean it is not as thorough as GreenGuard. But it is nevertheless a setting up stage to getting cleaner, a lot less poisonous flooring.

Inexperienced Label As well as is the carpet industry’s VOC certification system. They take a look at for 35 compounds shown in California suggestions for VOCs. This contains carpet, padding, and adhesives.

There are other companies that offer you assistance on what VOC limits are authorized in the creation of the flooring material. If you have any questions, you can request a person of our flooring consultants, or do a minor investigation oneself to get more comfortable about the item you are taking into consideration purchasing.

What flooring alternatives ought to you look at?

It is complicated to make 1 certain suggestion for flooring in an report like this since the suggestions would be subjective at best.

1 of the greenest choices can remove VOCs and be a great flooring decision for your residence, still have specific features that may not be conducive for the way your family members lives. An additional alternative could have minimal VOCs and be installed in these a way that it poses tiny danger to your living ecosystem.

What is the ideal flooring to go well with your wants? Only you can make that choice.

Nonetheless, as recommendations for lower or zero VOCs, we generally advise:


Pure hardwood flooring is quite generally at the major of the listing as a secure alternative for removing VOCs from your household. There are, of class, factors you’ll have to look at out for as you make your final choice.

Wood includes organic terpenes that are considered risk-free in most situations. If you have a substantial sensitivity, specially fragrant wooden decisions may bring about additional than other products.

All wooden goes by processing from forest to closing installation. Some of the substances that flooring merchandise go through can harbor chemicals that may perhaps influence remarkably sensitive folks. This is where by it pays to keep notify as to the products you obtain and what procedures the manufacturer made use of to convey the flooring to current market.

Wooden also is a porous product, which usually means it has a greater likelihood of harboring mildew. Abide by all tips to assure your hardwood is effectively acclimated to your property right before installation.

Finishes and adhesives can also adjust just one of the greenest products and solutions into one of the most hazardous. There are many minimal and no VOC alternatives for both equally. Just be confident your installer is conscious of your wishes, and assists you choose the greatest of each.


An additional purely natural product that can be a wonderful addition to your property is tile.

Marble tile is a great decision for each great appears and lower VOCs. Since marble is quarried from character, you will be bringing a natural product or service within your home. Like wooden, you are going to have to fork out consideration to the manufacturing process to be certain the overall merchandise has small or no VOCs as soon as it’s mounted within your house. And sealants, finishes, or adhesives should really be checked to ensure they fulfill your anticipations on VOC ranges you wish to convey inside of your house.

Slate is also a superior selection. A resin is frequently applied in producing to fill in small pits and holes to make it a smoother floor. Be positive the solutions applied are reduced VOCs. This is the place it pays to go with a effectively-regarded manufacturer, one particular you can study comprehensively in advance of you finalize your acquire.

If you are ready to reduce VOCs and find the ideal flooring selection to go well with your requirements, these are just a couple of of the goods that might make very good additions to your house.


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