Redford home features decorated giant skeleton all year in front yard


                                                              A ten foot-tall St. Patty's Day themed skeleton stands outside the Beech Daly home of Donavan Richardson and his fiance Alicia Bonanno.

You might think people say the giant, 12-foot-tall skeleton in their front yard is an eyesore. 

But you would be wrong. 

“Skelly Boy,” the massive, pumpkin-faced skeleton on Alicia Bonanno and Donavan Richardson’s property in Redford has become a popular selfie and local tourism spot since Richardson gifted Bonanno, his fiancé, the monster just before Halloween last year. 

“Her favorite holiday is Halloween, so I got it as kind of a surprise for her,” he said. 

Unlike those who leave the giant skeletons outside year-round for lack of storage space, Bonanno and Richardson keep Skelly Boy outside simply because people enjoy it so much. 

“It was just going to be a Halloween decoration, but then people on Facebook were like, ‘Are you going to dress it up for the next holiday?’ So I was like, you know what? Let’s do it,” Bonanno said. “We anticipated keeping it up just for Christmas but it was so fun, so it’s just kind of grown.”

 Donavan Richardson and his fiance Alicia Bonanno talk about their Beech Daly ten foot-tall skeleton that they're planning on keeping on their front lawn and decorating - year 'round.

The display has grown over the months to include colored lights, a seat for selfie-takers and two smaller skeletons added during Christmastime the couple call “Skelves.” Richardson has also made sure Skelly Boy is sturdy and able to withstand storms. 

Neighbors, children, a party bus and even a local musician looking for album art have visited their home on Beech Daly, right across the street from Claude Allison Park. They say everyone is welcome and enjoy seeing Skelly Boy be the source of so much fun. 


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