Oct. 6, 2020

PHILADELPHIA-Today PHDC announced the Ask for for Qualifications (RFQ) for extra contractors for the home improvement plans-Standard System Mend Plan (BSRP) and Adaptive Modification Plan (AMP).

PHDC’s home enhancement applications use smaller contractors to make much-required crisis property repairs for income-skilled Philadelphians. The Request for Skills (RFQ) gives interested contractors with the information and facts required to get ready and submit qualifications in get to participate.

“PHDC has been helping the most susceptible citizens in Philadelphia retain their houses by providing crisis house repairs for the past 40 several years,” stated David Thomas, President & CEO, PHDC. “We presently have a terrific base of contractors, but we need to have far more. Correct now, we have folks waiting around, in particular for plumbing and carpentry expert services. This indicates work opportunities can be assigned instantly but our present-day contractors are at their max of the volume of positions they can choose. To provide far more residents, we need to have more contractors, and we require them now!”

Positive aspects of doing the job with PHDC:

  • Continual stream of work
  • Prospect to develop business enterprise
  • Swift and assured payment (typical < 30 days)
  • Provide assistance in resolving issues with homeowners
  • Help maintain availability of affordable housing in Philadelphia
  • Help vulnerable homeowners in Philadelphia keep their homes

Annually, 38-45% of PHDC home improvement contracts are assigned to MBE/WB E (Minority Business Enterprise/Women’s Business Enterprise) contractors, and 100% of contracts are given to small and mid-size businesses. “We give small businesses and minority businesses a steady stream of income and a chance to grow and expand their business. This relationship strengthens our economy, our neighborhoods, our contractors, and our homeowners. It is a win-win,” said Thomas.

Contractor Qualifications:

  • Minimum of three (3) years of experience with the trade for which qualifications are being submitted
  • Been in business as the same legal entity for a minimum of three (3) years
  • Must have the appropriate trade license(s). Plumbers and electricians must be licensed in their trade by the City of Philadelphia. All other contractors must have a City of Philadelphia Contractor License
  • Must be registered with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office as a Home Improvement Contractor
  • Must have no City tax, water or other delinquencies. The contractor may be in a current payment agreement to resolve such delinquencies
  • No conflict of interest as disclosed on any forms or other documentation provided.
  • Must not own any property that is subject to any significant unresolved violation of City codes and ordinances
  • Must not own a property in Philadelphia subject to tax foreclosure proceeding in the last five years
  • Not have any owners/partners/officers of company been convicted of any felony within the past five years

Complete responses are being reviewed, and qualified contractors will receive a response within 30-45 days. Selected contractors will be given assignments immediately.