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After two years of celebrating Hari Raya away from our family and friends, the recent lifting of travel restrictions for this festive season has brought joy to Malaysians. We are finally able to balik kampung to physically celebrate Hari Raya with our loved ones. 

Many have begun Raya preparations, such as buying festive outfits, making kuih raya and decorating homes. After years of no visitors, many are itching to host an open house, inviting friends, relatives and neighbors to visit and celebrate. That makes this the perfect time to redecorate your abode! 


If you are clueless about how to start redecorating your house, here are some useful tips and tricks: 

1. Change your wall with Nippon Paint harmonious color range

The color of your wall plays an important part in interior decor. A joyful color harmony, such as dried palm, can enliven the atmosphere of a room. Freshen up your walls with Nippon Paint’s Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial range of colours.

Nippon Paint Malaysia

2. Add special items to hang on walls


To create a wow factor on your walls, place meaningful artwork in strategic areas. Other items that you can consider placing on walls are cards, pages from books, maps, and sentimental items.

3. Repaint your wooden furniture

The Spruce / Jordan Provost

If you are not keen to spend money on new household items, repaint your wooden furniture for a brand-new look with Nippon Paint Hydro Wood. It is an environmentally friendly green, formulated with low volatile organic compound (VOC).

Nippon Paint Malaysia

4. Pick the perfect set of curtains for your living room


To give the illusion of a larger living room, pick floor-length curtains. In terms of color, the curtains don’t have to be bold or striking. Neutral-colored curtains will have the same effect, while complementing the room’s existing color scheme. 

5. Add some green to your space

Michael Perry, Mr. Plant Geek

To make your space feel lively, add some easy-to-grow indoor plants, such as Snake Plant, Aloe Plant, Spider Plant, Peace Lily, and Zanzibar Gem. Greenery can help spruce up a space.

6. Create a cosy space with throw pillows


Throw pillows may seem unimportant, but they’re the best way to elevate a house to a home, especially on Hari Raya.

7. Freshen up your space with scented candles


If you plan on lighting a traditional oil lamp or lampu pelita outside your house on Hari Raya, you might also want to freshen up your living room with scented candles. This can create a comfy and great relaxing spot for you and your guests.

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