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For nearly two hours, Cordia Frazier had no clue where her husband and two children were taking her for Mother’s Day.

Christopher “C.J.” Frazier wanted to do something special for his wife, who years ago said she’d been told she’d never have children. So, he told her to clear her schedule on Sunday and loaded the family of four — soon to be five — into the car and drove from their home in Lynchburg to Henrico County to visit Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.

It wasn’t until they were about 10 minutes away that he let slip that rather than just giving her a bouquet, they were bringing her to the flowers.

“She’s an amazing woman,” Christopher Frazier said. “We appreciate her every day. We love her every day. But it’s one day out of the whole year, we get to focus on her.”

Cordia Frazier’s smile mirrored her son’s as she held him. Maceo, 2, clutched the clear heart pendant of the necklace he and his sister had made their mom for the occasion. Joelle, 6, said the beads were made of clay that they painted red and blue.

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“She always takes care of us,” said Joelle, hugging her mother. “I love my mommy.”

Cordia Frazier said her kids always do something creative, but this year’s trip was such a surprise.

Lewis Ginter was full of families and couples celebrating the special women in their lives. Live music played in the Robins Tea House, and a special brunch was served in the main café.

At the rose garden, a young family, clad in matching outfits, used the picturesque backdrop for a portrait. Somer Agnor’s floral jumpsuit matched the print of shorts worn by her husband, Matthew, and son, Palmer. Around her neck, gold letters dangled, spelling her son’s name.

“I love being a mother,” she said. “When I became a mother, I became a whole new person.”

Though not her first Mother’s Day as a mom — her son is 15 months old — Somer Agnor said the botanical garden seemed the perfect place to celebrate.

“It reminds me of motherhood,” she said. “Bringing new life into the world.”

The family, from Midlothian, are annual members and often come for picnics, but it was too chilly on Sunday. To warm up, they danced in the Tea House beside their friends and neighbors Katie and Kyle Baker and their daughter Lily Magnolia, who turns 2 later this month.

“I feel so blessed to experience motherhood,” she said. “It’s even better than I ever imagined. All my life, I’ve wanted to be a mother.”

Katie Baker said she feels like the day is more about Lily, and her unborn son, than her. She’s expecting a little boy, Jack, in July.

“I just look at her and am still amazed,” she said. “I can’t wait to do it all again.”

Kyle Baker joked that Lily was the last big life decision they made before the pandemic struck in 2020.

“You’d never know she’s a full-on pandemic baby, she’s the life of the party,” Katie Baker continued.

The couple said they’re also thankful for their own mothers, whom they planned to celebrate with later in the day, and next week.

“It feels easy most of the time with those moms to look to for advice,” Katie Baker said.

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