Jessica and Kevin Klein purchased their St. Matthews home in March 2007. Up until last year, they’d painted the walls and made a few minor improvements, but the couple hadn’t updated much else.

“We were married, didn’t have any kids, and bought the house thinking we’d grow into it eventually,” Jessica recalled. “Maybe three months later, (we found out) we were pregnant. So, it’s a good thing we found this when we did!”

The home was vacant at the time, “and all the rooms were a different shade of an obnoxious paint color,” Jessica exclaimed. “Upstairs, one of the rooms was such a bright orange that when the sun came through the windows, it hurt your eyes.”

Still, the Kleins were in no rush to renovate. In fact, they spent all their time on the first floor, barely going upstairs when they first moved in. Even after they grew from being a couple to a family of six, the house, just as it was, served its purpose for quite a long time.