America’s Best Home and Garden Brands 2022

America’s Best Home and Garden Brands for 2022 have been chosen based on over 1.5 million relevant online reviews and ratings that were written between January 2019 and January 2022. The top 299 brands are awarded across 93 unique home and garden categories.

The ranking was created using both ratings and written online reviews about a variety of home and garden products. The written reviews were analyzed with a sentiment analysis that identified and extracted relevant information from the written reviews and examined the expressed opinions and feelings about the products. This type of analysis dives deeper into reviews than ratings alone by identifying keywords and phrases that indicate specific attitudes, emotions, and opinions towards a product. Then, a text analysis categorized the reviews as positive, neutral, or negative.

For each category, nine product-specific aspects were selected and analyzed to create an overall score for each distinct brand. The weight of each aspect in the overall score differed between categories depending on the importance of the aspect (e.g., safety was given more weight in the power saw category than in coffee makers).

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